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  1. Sports bar in Union City NJ to watch the Devils?

    Change of plan. My Airbnb accommodation was cancelled so I had to rebook. I've got a nice place in Hoboken walking distance to everything, so makes it so much easier
  2. Sports bar in Union City NJ to watch the Devils?

    Glad to see some people around Union City, will catch up with yas for the game. Hoboken sounds like a plan, especially with a nice cheap Uber ride. I'm not far from the Lincoln tunnel entrance, about 10-15 minutes walk on 22nd St.
  3. Hi all, I am yet again travelling to NJ to see the final 3 home games in April. I'm staying in an AirBNB apartment in Union City for a few nights before staying with friends for the remainder of my trip. I happen to arrive the same day as the Devils playing the Lightning in Tampa Bay. Is anyone familiar with the area and able to suggest a bar to watch the game at? Is anyone in the area and want to meet up to watch the game and have some drinks?
  4. GDT Halloween Isles msg+ @ Devs msg @1pm

    Probably a reference to a popular Aussie singer in the 80s and 90s called John Farnham.. Only us Aussies would get the reference
  5. Gdt 10, NJ@Phi 7PM

    Very quiet thread Watching live at home since I'm home sick midday Friday. I first thought for the first half of the game was Columbus all over again, but glad we've come back and had some nice plays scoring 3 in a row.
  6. Changes Coming to Devils MSG Broadcasts

    I quite like Dano, he kind of reminds me of Chico at times with the forgetfulness, but at least it's entertaining. Deb can go though, time for some young blood that's great to look at.
  7. John Moore to NJD

    My bad, wasn't very clear with your response. Was just catching up on the different threads and came across it, sorry. I am in agreement with the both of you in that regard, been very happy so far with Shero.
  8. John Moore to NJD

    You've completely misread what Triumph said: "The Devils are not operating as if they are two forwards away, because they're not."
  9. Gomez, Clemmensen, Bernier gone

    I will eat my words. When we signed Gomez last year I hated it. He proved me wrong. Out of that list I would have happily had Gomez come back as a 3rd or 4th liner. The rest can easily go. But I do like the direction Shero is moving, it will be a fun ride.
  10. Nice way to start the day. No quarter.

  11. It smells like cat sh!t on this train.

  12. Thank you internet.

  13. Just finished Crysis. Only took me 8 years, plus finally have a PC that can play it with graphics on maximum! Now Crysis 2 and 3 lol.

  14. Kevin Smith on The Big Bang Theory. Pure win.

  15. Slowly gaining traction in Australia, the more crown royal the better!