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  1. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Not currently actively selling anything at the moment.
  2. The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Sold some, but here is what is left. Martin Brodeur 05-05 white set 2 (JM patch, Lou's first coaching win, 5th all-time win list, matched) Scott Stevens 02-03 red set 1 ("C," last regular season fight, cup year, matched) Scott Niedermayer 03-04 red set 2 ("C," Norris year, matched) Patrik Elias 2003 SCF white (SCF patch, "A," worn throughout playoffs and in games 1,2, and 5 of finals, matched)Patrik Elias 11-12 white set 1 ("A," All-time Devils' Goal Record, matched)Claude Lemieux 92-93 white (100 Year SC patch, career best points, matched) John Maclean 96-97 white ("A,"matched) Stephane Richer 91-92 red/green (75th patch, Devils' 10th patch, matched) Randy McKay 91-92 red/green (75th patch, Devils' 10th patch, matched) Brian Rafalski 06-07 red (25th patch, matched) Ken Danekyo 97-98 white ("A," matched, goalie cut) Scott Gomez 2000 SCF red (SCF patch, Calder, matched game 4) Jamie Langenbrunner 2003 SCF red (SCF patch, worn games 3-4) Colin White 2003 SCF white (SCF Patch, worn games 1, 2, 5, matched) Anton Volchenkov 2012 SCF red (SCF patch, score goal, worn games 1-2, matched) Bruce Driver 90-91 white/green Bobby Holik 08-09 set 3 white (last career regular season and playoff points, matched) Mike Peluso 94-95 white (cup year, matched) Jason Arnott 97-98 red (matched) Petr Sykora 01-02 white (matched) Jeff Friesen 03-04 red (matched) http://www.devilsgameworn.com
  3. On eBay, but can do $125 off. Goes for $234 brand new. http://www.ebay.com/itm/14k-Gold-New-Jersey-Devils-Charm-Pendant-/121196962221?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item1c37e6e1ad http://shop.shinjewelers.com/50001994-14k-yellow-gold-new-jersey-devils-charm/ Email me at NJSwampdragon@gmail.com Best, Geoff
  4. Looking For Mike Peluso

    Have you ever watched the show Pawn Stars. They spend a ton of money to restore collectables all the time to add value.
  5. Looking For Mike Peluso

    Preseason or a 91-92 Barr?
  6. Looking For Mike Peluso

    I always thought the restored nameplate/recycled thing is a little silly. There are collectible items, antiques, antiquities, and art worth a whole lot more than a jersey that get restored all the time. If the Sistine Chapel can be restored, I'm okay with a gamer being restored. That's just my opinion, though. The player wore it, and that's all that really matters to me. I also know that any Peluso is very hard to find and an all-original would likely go for a lot more money, perhaps double. All in all. given the rarity of a Peluso Devils jersey, his popularity, and the premium given to 80-90s fighters, I think $900 is a pretty fair initial asking price, even taking into account the plate restoration. I don't know much about gloves.
  7. Looking For Mike Peluso

    I wasn't being sarcastic. I think $1000 for the jersey and gloves is a pretty good price.
  8. Looking For Mike Peluso

    Good prices, especially on the pair!
  9. Kovalchuk healthy scratch??????

    Kovy's contract makes him untradeable the first few years. No one else will want to pay this guy $100 million over $15 years. There was a reason why so few teams went after him. He was benched because he doesn't follow any system and consistently turns over the puck in bad areas. If Kovy plays tonight he'll probably try to kick the crap out of Avery and get tossed.

    I like Taormina, I think he's decent for only 2 NHL games and he'll get better. However, Fraser sucks and always will. The D needs some time to gel with all these new guy. Urbom is going to be good, but needs some seasoning in the AHL. Pelley and PLL3 are useless.I'd much rather see Mair and like Sestito. Maclean needs to preach some backchecking from the forwards. Marty needs to play better as well.
  11. STH BBQ & Fan Fest

    Great guys, thanks for the info. Yes, the baby is under 1.
  12. STH BBQ & Fan Fest

    Can someone find out for me if a baby needs a ticket. Thanks
  13. Most Hated/Most Respected Former NJ Devil?

    Well, as far as I can tell, Gomez has never taken cheap shots at the Devils like Madden has in the past year in the press.
  14. Scott Stevens Game Worn Gloves!

    Purchased from Meigray several years ago. Comes with team letter signed by Lou.
  15. Scott Stevens Game Worn Gloves!

    Free shipping it is