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  1. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    A deal can be done in one day, if everyone is motivated.
  2. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    use this link http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy?author=Dmitry+Chesnokov
  3. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Dmitry, he is such a tease
  4. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Russians dont drive trucks
  5. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Is anyone else worried that when the CBA changes it could change the cap hit to what the player makes that year instead of the average of the contract.
  6. Aussie Devils fan invading California in October

    I'll be at the sharks game.
  7. Team Penalties

    The interesting thing about this is that the NHL can retroactively disqualify the team when that player was playing. Ss if the NHL were to find that Hosa's contact is circumventing the cap then they could record every game he played in as a loss. So they would no longer have won the cup. The League would never do that of course, but it is available in the rules.
  8. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Devils will have an extra 7 mill in cap space next season. And another 10 the next year with Marty and Rolston.
  9. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    its on tsn now http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=326655
  10. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Holding in my excitement till it is official

    Well he did play like he didnt want be traded against the sharks, he was skating better the usual.
  12. Clarkson just has a way of getting the team going, I don't know what it is about him.
  13. Remind Anyone of '94 ??

    agreed! also if Marty had D CAN started playing after the USA loss he would have never been benched.
  14. GDT: Devils @ San Jose

    Been waiting all year for this game! 7 rows from the ice! So stoked to see the devils come own the sharks.

    and most of the time the three forwards aren't all ready breaking up the ice ahead of the puck.