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  1. Stevens Signing Tonight

    PR for the Devils
  2. Stevens Signing Tonight

    Scott Stevens will be at Best Buy in Secaucus tonight at midnight signing the Devils Stanley Cup DVD! I also heard somewhere that he will be doing another signing Thursday at Jersey Gardens. NJ Devils "2003 Stanley Cup Champs" DVD Midnight Madness Sale With Scott Stevens! http://www.1050espnradio.com/listingsEntry...&PT=1050+Events This Monday, June 30 at midnight, Best Buy in Secaucus, NJ is the place to be, when the New Jersey Devils "2003 Stanley Cup Champs" DVD is released first at their special "Midnight Madness" sale. Oh, not a big enough deal for you? Well, if I told you that Devils Captain Scott Stevens will be on hand to autograph your copy? Now you have no excuse not to be there! TEAM ESPN will greet you on your way inside between 10:30pm till midnight. We'll hook you up with some free swag if you win a contest from us. See you there!
  3. Parade Televised?

    I believe the celebration will be televised on ABC and News 12 at 1:00.
  4. Stanley Cup Journal

    Hi Everyone! I have been lurking here for a long time and have enjoyed reading all of your thoughts on the Devils. It was a great season! I don