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  1. This went from an exciting thread to a pissing match rivaled only by 'The View'...
  2. Truth, cannot stand this drama queen anymore. EDIT addition: I also think if this douche comes back, we should have his bullsh!t cap penalty against us removed.
  3. New team, same Lou type moves
  4. the amount of people nose diving off of bridges is really going to make it difficult for the rest of us to do it, since all the bodies will be piled up so high by then
  5. good luck tomorrow guys! I'll be unable to see anything until about this time in 24 hours so hopefully we don't get any awful surprises that someone joked about a few posts ago
  6. Trade DSP for one of their 100 picks this year?
  7. Dallas in either 2012 or 2013, if i recall correctly
  8. Here comes the annual NHL bailout parachute for their darling teams... they better have his recapture fee if we're stuck with Kovy's bullsh!t 975k or whatever it is
  9. They're doing it bit by bit during the awards show tonight, AKA just wait for a leak to be posted on twitter.
  10. It may be just a drop in the bucket, but I signed
  11. I will say that the collar is a nice touch
  12. Single stripe to honor a team that had many stripes at the waistline? These look like the crappy jersey hoodies you can get on NHL.com
  13. If McPhee takes Cammy in the expansion draft, I will personally write him a thank you letter
  14. Anyone else find the cap going up yet again foreboding for yet another work stoppage in a few years?
  15. Jesus, could you at least mark that naked picture of Ben Lovejoy NSFW?!?! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!