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  1. Bryce Salvador to join Devils' broadcast (Replaces JMac)

    Hope he does well, still wish we'd replace Dano though
  2. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Exactly, it was nice the first few times we did it. The fact there are some out there who want green full time makes me scratch my head.
  3. The NJ Offseason Thread

    I think if we went back to full time red and green I'd be significantly more butthurt, maybe even to the degree a handful of people are regarding the new design.
  4. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Fire Shero! Blow up the team! No
  5. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Buffalo fans also are still bitching that Minnesota was tabbed the next hockey town over them. Meanwhile those knuckle draggers from top to bottom know jack sh!t about other teams, including still beating the trap drum for us, including during this telecast. fvck, I used to love that city, including my time living there, but their fvcktard hipster hockey fans have made me loathe the city, save for the wings.
  6. The Devils Uniforms

    I'm just missing that bottom stripe of the jersey, and the shoulders feel off... Won't buy one, but they're not terrible
  7. The NJ Offseason Thread

    No risk, possible reward, and could force some people to not mail it in during camp. I'll take it, though.
  8. Devils marketing to other teams' fans?

    I wrote for that website for a few months before giving up on it. Anyone can post anything and their "editors" will pretty much let it go. (They also let other writers take co-workers ideas/titles/tag lines but thats another argument.) While there are some good people over there, this guy is clearly not and he fell for what looks like someone's twitter prank and ran with it. Like SH said, why not reach to the team before publishing? Clickbait, sh!t stirrer bullsh!t writing at its finest.
  9. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Exactly, they have so much more than what is shown on TV, taking out the middle man [aka refs and coaches] on crap like that could speed up the game and actually get things right
  10. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    how about taking away the challenge portion and let the room full of people watching EVERY GAME in Toronto do their freaking jobs? Like they get the alert a goal is scored in the office, watch the play, including the blue line, goal stands or they buzz the arena if they need more time. Take it out of the coaches hands and make the league call out their already crappy officials.
  11. The NJ Offseason Thread

    Tim Erixon signs a PTO, will wear Super Jay & Carter's #20
  12. The Devils Uniforms

    I saw pictures of Hall wearing the new jersey... still not thrilled we changed it but its still not as awful as it could be. Hall jersey
  13. Johnny Mac joins Coyotes as Asst. Coach

    Thank god, now we just need Dano to get a front office job somewhere...
  14. Devils acquire Marcus Johansson from Caps

    This went from an exciting thread to a pissing match rivaled only by 'The View'...
  15. In Russia NHL returns you. Kovalchuk staying in KHL.

    Truth, cannot stand this drama queen anymore. EDIT addition: I also think if this douche comes back, we should have his bullsh!t cap penalty against us removed.