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  1. I said it before, and I'll say it again, for the love of god I hope Vegas gets to us, realizes how low they are on cap and take Cammy to get closer to that 60% threshold.
  2. If rental Hainsey can grab a AHL-er and a 2nd, Quincey better get us no less than that..... right????
  3. nice job Devils!
  4. Really starting to hope Vegas gets to our name in the expansion draft, realizes they're really far below the cap and says fvck it and takes him. I was thrilled when we got him, even thought the hat trick coming off his daughter's illness was the start but man has this year just been terrible.
  5. Tarasenko for Quincey and Lovejoy! Make it happen Ray! In all seriousness, I wonder who they'd be willing to part with and for what. We've had to inquire about Shattenkirk but I just don't see us being a fit assets wise.
  6. no way that just happened.....
  7. No 3 point games and there could be a prayer for post season. Either way, let's just freakin score a goal... and win, definitely need a win
  8. Carter signs a tryout contract with the Iowa Wild
  9. how did i forget about the damn expansion draft? good call
  10. I had to adult around the house during the 2nd and was not even remotely shocked that it was 0-0 throughout the 2nd. I'm sure I missed a bunch of Mac and Dano gems about moral victories or how they would motivate the team while the carpet shampooer was blasting...
  11. Top 5 in scoring probably Cannot stand him either, but fvck he's a great hockey player
  12. probably to give Blandisi more time not like Kalinin was lighting it up either... Any chance in hell any playoff team will want DSP for 4th line minutes in exchange for a 5-7 pick?
  13. rather low estimate, dont ya think?
  14. I love it when people do it to try and impress others [dates, their kids, their friends, etc.] as if they're psychic or something
  15. He used to sit across from me at in 2012. He tied every rally towel together and would run up and down the aisle every goal we scored. And Stabley Cap is so damn dumb. I dont understand the humor in worm people who cant spell? A normal caricature with half assed spelling would be funny