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  1. GDT: Caps @ Devs 1:00 PM

    by his own damn player CSN broadcast said its the 3rd or 4th time his mask has gone off this season. I gotta wonder if there are any other goalies who lose their mask more frequently? Maybe Ryan Miller?
  2. GDT: Caps @ Devs 1:00 PM

    4 minutes into the game, I already have reverted to the WAS broadcast... Dano's voice is starting to trigger rage. When Steve first started, he irked me, and in complete coincidence, it seemed as though every game he subbed for Doc was a loss. But he eventually grew on my. Dano hasn't.
  3. Gelinas you fvcking useless turd pinch and put the puck in the corner   And then just wait until EVERYONE gets in front of you to block   Thank Christ Schlemk did what 44 could not!
  4. Gelinas you fvcking useless turd pinch and put the puck in the corner
  5. it was almost as though he knew the people haha
  6. Gelinas is as useless on the ice as Dano is as a color guy
  7. seconded on the i don't get it club... ..it supposed to be a swipe at the Star Wars night?
  8. John Scott - Players Tribute article

    fvcking post of the year right here! If you're bitchy about the All Star game having players who the fans want but "dont fit the mold" then stop fvcking pretending the All Star game is about the fans and abandon it.
  9. New Jersey Devils' Lineup/Roster Thread 2015-16

    Not gonna lie, I absolutely hate any notion of us using that logo as ours. Take the skating devil in the D in Devils Den and I could live with that. Maybe with the D also in the logo. But idk, the Cardiff one rubs me the wrong way.
  10. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    10 per the rule book, any additional to get his head checked. One of the most head scratching things I've seen in a little while... and I've seen some sh!t recently
  11. The Marty Night thread

    I know this question/favor is going to be met by hilarious laughter, but if anyone comes across an extra banner, to say I'd appreciate being able to buy one for less than what tools will toss them on eBay for would be awesome. There is zero chance I can get home for this game.
  12. GDT: Devils @ Pens 7PM MSG+

    So I just learned I was at Marty's first shutout. 22 damn years later I figured it out, thanks MSG network....