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  1. Like I said, if we end up having jerseys similiar to the maroon/white of the yotes change before the black elbow pads, or the hurricanes two color, or hell even the bolts two color stuff [although that one makes sense], i'll puke. Us having 3 colors on the jersey completes the Devil look in my opinion. Some teams can get away with two colors [I.e. Detroit], and we are not one of those teams EDIT: didn't realize how far back this post was, guess the cold knocked me out longer than I had thought.
  2. haha i figured, all good
  3. I'm just saying what the guy said they had on as the guest, it was his guess. But it is sounding more and more like that initial tweet was fvcking click bait.
  4. From the insiders podcast: 1.) No red & green as a hard makeover 2.) Logo should be staying the same 3.) Modernizing of the current look
  5. No but we should start wearing makeup and lipstick if we're going to get fvcked this hard...
  6. I'm glad we have a 4 day weekend and planning a birthday bash Sunday night, I'll be absolutely sh!tfaced for the Vancouver game
  7. Cory gives up 1 goal, we give him zero support, un-fvcking-real
  8. I'm actually glad Perkins got lit the hell up for not playing to the whistle. That play was the exact sh!t you're taught when you play youth football growing up. Oh look we're in the box again, that'll help our comeback chances.
  9. Its been me at pretty much every Devils game at somepoint this year, and for 3/4s of the Giants game last night. Ugh...
  10. You're right, I just hate this especially with the initial post being such gloom and doom panic inducing. now that its being walked back on, the click-baity ness of the original tweet is infuriating [used that twice tonight now]
  11. Zajac yelling "Are you fvcking kidding me" might have just been my favorite thing of the month, aside from the 3-0 win vs Boston
  12. Quincey is so freaking lazy on the puck, its infuriating
  13. and hey by all means do that, but sh!t dont go all the way back to the old red and green....
  14. I got a budwiser goal light for christmas, set it up today, of course we wont score tonight
  15. I will hate it if we have New Jersey Devils circling the logo ALA Pitt or NYR, just freaking no [to the jersey designers, not you]