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  1. Parise - Gone DeBoer - Gone Lou - Gone looking at you, Rangers, next....
  2. Thanks for that, I had to study literally the second that game ended and only stopped cause WASH/TOR went to OT
  3. There's something up with Karlsson, as they talked about during the game today, he's either still suffering from dehydration or he's straight up out of gas. Hopefully a few days off lets him recover
  4. Staal eats the boards after tripping over Allen's skate as he made the save, fans are irate with the non-call. Holy fvck do I hate the Wild and want them to lose so badly. EDIT: I thought Minnesota was supposed to be a hockey state? I get being pissed at your guy getting hurt, but it wasn't anything resembling a penalty, stop being bitches already
  5. Skiing lessons from Sonny Bono
  6. And yet we have to listen to his verbal diarrhea every time NBC airs a game, its like they hired anyone they could when they started, but now cant cut the cords
  7. Gotta love advice on self control being given by a piece of sh!t who climbed into the stands to beat a fan as a player, Jesus Christ, NBC, get rid of Milbury already
  8. With all of our damn cap space pull at Parise & Suter and get both!
  9. Such a softie by Andersen too, yikes
  10. What a cluster on that play, Oshie pulls off some magic and puts them back up 2
  11. 1 goal from a complete choke job, again, Matthews pots his second of the post season 7 & change to play.
  12. Pulling away from a maple leaf hug is an insult and I think illegal in Canada, that's how
  13. And the Caps show some backbone, Eller makes it 3-1 minutes after Wilson [douche] makes a diving save on a squeaker through Holtby's legs EDIT: Wilson [douche] gets one of his own, Caps take their first 3 goal lead of the series. Side note: I really never understand where the 3 goal lead being the most dangerous lead in hockey came from. I feel as though in the early 2000s and earlier, it was a 2-goal lead was, and that at least made some semblance of sense to me: Leading team gets one more, could be the final dagger, if the trailing team gets one back, it could really start the comeback and put the leading team on their heels. Thoughts?
  14. Caps up 2 under 5 minutes in. How soon before they choke this one away? EDIT: Like goddamn clockwork, 1 back for the Leafs
  15. Jackets are done, Hawks might steal one Thursday but I hope they lose, a co-worker is a Preds fan and could make life miserable friday if they lose lol