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  1. I can dream, damnit!!!
  2. please be a last minute taker for Cammy....
  3. PA to Nash for a 6th, per Bob Mckenzie EDIT: spelled his name wrong, my bad
  4. He could also might be enough to get Wood to stop fighting everyone...
  5. Picks turn into assets though, scrub AHLers take up cap space and roster spots for potential assets. It just doesn't make sense to me, especially since we're supposed to be in a rebuild. Tri said it best, if it turns into something towards the draft it'll be a better deal, but knee-jerk and on paper, we lost this one, just my .02
  6. What bothers me is you can easily make a case for Quincey to be as good as Hainsey, we all pretty much agreed on that the other day. Pitt gave up a 3rd and a AHLer, we pick up a bottom pair/AHLer who still has another year left. The case is desperately being made to be expansion fodder, but come on, we have plenty to expose.
  7. New Jersey Devils - easily exploited on the ice and apparently now in the trade market. This our punishment for the damn Palm deal?
  8. Sorry, but this deal gets worse and worse with the unnecessary cap hit, fvck
  9. Thanks for the dumb nose punch, Shero. We already had plenty of expansion fodder. Here's to hoping something else is brewing, otherwise, I personally think Ray got beat to the punch early and often when he possibly coulda traded Quincey for better returns. In Knuckle-deep Ray We Trust? [Caught him knuckle deep in his freaking nose at the Caps NYE game, for those who don't know]
  10. here ya go
  11. and the NHL Network show they have on is atrocious I'm sitting on the youtube stream of TSN
  12. Quincey, Lovejoy out [god willing], sadly I think PA is gone too
  13. Apparently Pierre Lebrun said on Vancouver 1040 he thinks we'll be big players for KS this summer http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/lebrun-miller-trade-could-have-been-nice-tryout-for-la-1.682494 around the 11:00 mark
  14. THANK YOU! People are trying to parlay Saturday's loss and the 2nd goal in this one into a blanket bullsh!t statement that this team's current predicament is entirely on Cory. Get fvcking real, We CLEARLY have one defender who cannot do jack sh!t against anyone in the defensive zone and sadly, he is to Shero as Gionta was to DeBoer, cannot do anything wrong nor be scratched.
  15. Killjoy, Nojoy, Scrubjoy, Fraudjoy.... any others?