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  1. Quincey, Lovejoy out [god willing], sadly I think PA is gone too
  2. Apparently Pierre Lebrun said on Vancouver 1040 he thinks we'll be big players for KS this summer http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/lebrun-miller-trade-could-have-been-nice-tryout-for-la-1.682494 around the 11:00 mark
  3. THANK YOU! People are trying to parlay Saturday's loss and the 2nd goal in this one into a blanket bullsh!t statement that this team's current predicament is entirely on Cory. Get fvcking real, We CLEARLY have one defender who cannot do jack sh!t against anyone in the defensive zone and sadly, he is to Shero as Gionta was to DeBoer, cannot do anything wrong nor be scratched.
  4. Killjoy, Nojoy, Scrubjoy, Fraudjoy.... any others?
  5. Can that useless piece of sh!t get the fvcking mumps, please? God I fvcking hate him. Go practice skating on the goddamn turnpike you soft piece of sh!t! He's the Fellaini of hockey, minus the goddamn accidental goals.
  6. Goal coming cause Killjoy will lose his man
  7. I called the goal under a minute AND Killjoy being the cause, but I missed on it being a result of Cammy pulling a Stefan... so close Nice fvcking job Severson, two trips, gets nailed on the second
  8. just gonna ignore the fact Killjoy deflected it cause he couldn't beat Andrew Shaw in a net front battle, huh? EDIT: Double post
  9. Ben Lovejoy is a useless piece of sh!t. Can't get Shaw out of the crease? You're bigger than him you soft fvck!
  10. He isn't playing for us because he doesn't feel like he can, he has blatantly said it. On what planet do you think otherwise?
  11. Pens trade is a fake EDIT: Common beat me to it
  12. I still hold it against Johnny Mac [among other things], Holik, Gomez and Driver for that reason.
  13. Na na naaaaaaaa nah Na na naaaaaaaa nah hey hey hey goodbye [you suck!] Na na naaaaaaaa nah Na na naaaaaaaa nah hey hey hey goodbye [you suck!]
  14. Awesome, good to see
  15. If KS goes there, I hope they never win the cup even more than usual. fvck him and guys like Jimmy Vesey, Kevin Hayes [that mutated looking fvckboy] and of course, the douchiest of douches, Kreider.