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  1. Alright, MBIII caught me, its RSC behind this. I didn't mean for this thing to actually get nominations So if you nominated CMONHOBEY just edit your post and put in someone who actually deserves the award. And lastone, just ignore and CMONHOBEY nominations that remain. Let it be known that on June 22, 2009, CMONHOBEY retired from NJDEVS forever.
  2. No. But I was nominated for it by a couple of people when I was eligible, though I didn't make it to the final round. And I may or may not be the person who posted right before me.
  3. You want a hint? I am not one of the west coasters.
  4. GOOD MEN!!! And no, CRASHER, I'm not LOTCB. You would know
  5. CMON HOBEY!!!