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  1. The guy can't skate.
  2. Peter Stasny and Bernie Nichols are both top 50 scorers of all time and need to be considered over Richer, Parise, etc.
  3. Other than a few times at the beginning of his NHL career, the only times you will hear the 94 Mattaeu reference is if NuMattaeu is producing goals or killing Rags, and how the Rags passed on him the previous pick. In that case, the name will have a positive connotation and erase the memories. It's sort of like when game 6 of the ECF went into OT, I was mad and nervous. However it was a opportunity to have the chance at an OT series winner and some retribution, and we were given Henrique.
  4. Those are some long flights between games 5, 6, 7 with only one day between... but then again I guess it was the same vs Anaheim.
  5. I would love to see someone make a giant poster like this. Maybe even some life size cutouts of Mr. Hankey.
  6. How is it possible that I didn't know the rags call their own goalie "Hankey" ? How is it possible that a Mr. Hankey Lundqvist photoshop/ginormous poster hasn't been created?
  7. Two main factors at play: 1. Intent. Giroux intentionally went after Zubrus in a wreckless fashion. If the intent wasn't there this wouldn't be an issue. 2. Credibility. Shanahan was brought in to provide some level of consistency to player safety. The video explanation charade speaks to that. There has to be a penalty, whether a fine or suspension. Admittedly I don't follow these rulings to say what that penalty should be.
  8. Umm, aren't we the ones screaming "Flyers suck"?
  9. Glad to see there were so few Flyers fans there. It was minimal. Minor story: one guy standing in the back of section 6 was going back and forth with Devils fans. The usher had no control of the situation. She asked everyone to sit but did nothing to enforce it. It led to the Flyer fan running into the Devil fan, flopping like a soccer player, and crying to the usher for her help. Sad.
  10. what was so special about kids w/drums for those of us not in attendance?
  11. Wish partially came true. Urbom and Tao called up.
  12. Dumb lady in my section was yelling and holding up 4 fingers. The ref looked at her at the faceoff when they switching to 4-4, and basically shrugged her off. She felt vindicated. I felt embarrassed (of our fan base.)
  13. Is it me, or is Larsson very slow? I feel like he should be a big slapshot/big checking defenseman based on how slow he churns his legs.
  14. When you're the "star" of the team and expect to make 8 million a year, the chances of winning a cup is based on yourself. The supporting players will come and go.