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  1. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    It is actually a raincoat, as we were scheduled for rain today. At least that's what was projected on News 12 this morning. -L
  2. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Just an update. Picture taken moments ago by our website staff. Just got off the PATH train from Hoboken, on my way back to The Rock now. This is without question a monumental day for our great organization and fans. We have looked at all of our options and are glad to announce the deal, which has been verbal in principal to this point in time. As per franchise policy, details on the actual numbers of the deal will not be disclosed. Ilya is on his way back with Grossman to the Rock as well. We are hoping to set up a press conference at 5PM eastern time. Thank you. -L PS Im glad our fans stopped by along with NJ Devil to show their support.
  3. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    This is actually a prototype iPhone, on the Verizon network which will be available later this year. I really have no idea besides that as my son Christopher set this up for me. Im downloading an "app" (I believe that's what it is referred to) and the "app" is called "Twitter." Not sure if many of you are familiar with that or not but again, Im hoping my son Christopher will brief me on how to use this, or possibly Grossman. -L
  4. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    I aplogize, I was down at the Jersey Shore enjoying the beautiful weather and celebrating America's Birthday. Ilya and I are currently sipping on that very delightful and satisfying drink. We will be leaving soon as Grossman is waiting outside on our expired meter. You all know how Hoboken can be with their meters. More to come soon, Im posting this all from my iPhone. Thanks again to our great fans for all of their support! -L
  5. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Who's the man? Official Press Conference to follow.
  6. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Just putting the final touches on this deal. This is a quality individual and a player of Ilya's calibur is something our franchise would like to be a part of for many years to come. We are finalizing this deal at the Panera bread in Hoboken, NJ. Please feel free to stop by and show your support. PS This photo really sealed the deal for me to get this done.
  7. NJDevs Louis Lamoriello Post Olympic Break / Trade Deadline

    Here is the latest on the text front.
  8. NJDevs Louis Lamoriello Post Olympic Break / Trade Deadline

    Here is the latest call. Cant a guy eat and negotiate in peace?
  9. NJDevs Louis Lamoriello Post Olympic Break / Trade Deadline

    Thanks to our great technical team over at our website, we are able to bring you fans with the up to date phone calls I have been receiving. Here is the latest:
  10. Good Afternoon, I know it has been a great time since I posted here last fans but I just wanted to take this time out to address you great fans of this great forum and our great organization. With the recent addition of Ilya Kovalchuk and now today with the reactivation of David Clarkson, we look to be a serious contender for this years Stanley Cup run. We hope to activate Paul Martin by next week's game against the Rangers, and Mr. Martin will really be heading up our defensive corps. I am feverishly trying to make this team even better by tomorrows trade dead-line. I am off to a late lunch now with a few local area General Managers (and yes, as a matter of fact to Panera Bread.) Thank you to all of our great fans and I will keep you all posted on what is going on here on our organizations stand point. I will keep you individuals in the dark as per Lou Policy, until we are concrete and have made a final decision. -L This will be me for the rest of the afternoon.
  11. Madden having a midlife Crisis?

    You are correct Mr. Cyclone. I would not condone such wreckless behavior, as to why this individual no longer plays for our club. Thank you. -L
  12. Id like to take this time and thank Steven Cangialosi for taking the time out of his busy schedule to take todays Pre-Conference call notes. Steve: Thank you Lou for joining us, prior to todays conference call. Can you please hint on what we can expect from todays call, will it be a coaching announcement, trade, or possible free agent signing? Louis Lamoriello: Good afternoon Steven, and all of our great fans. Thank you for joining me here today. As I have responded over the weekend in one of my previous posts, stating I will appoint a new head coach of our organization today. With great honor and privledge, that gentleman is Jacques Lemaire. Alongside Mr. Lemaire will be new assistant coach Mario Tremblay who also was Mr. Lemaire's assistant coach in Minnesota. Thomas Albelin will be reassigned to the Trenton Devils and in another huge announcement today, Ronald Scott Stevens (you all know him as "Forever #4") will be appointed the new assistant coach in Lowell. Two great announcements here today and as always, you the fans hear it first. As always, terms of the deal will not be disclosed, as per club policy. Steve: Wow, that is fantastic news Lou, any news on the possible signing of Brendan Shanahan or any other free agents or possibly a trade? Louis Lamoriello: Young man, please refer to me as Mr. Lamoriello or Louis. Thank you for your question Steven. As I stated before, we are still in talks with Brendan and his agent and we are continuing to make progress. In other news, talks with Travis Zajac have been positive, although Travis' arbitration hearing will be on July 24th. As always, I will let our great fans know here first, on all and every transaction we are working on. Also, please follow us on Twister, and although Im not familiar with it, it seems like it may be some kind of email device that keeps our fans informed on our organizations progress. Thank you Steven. Steve: Thank you Mr Lamoriello for your time and we look forward to any additional information regarding todays conference call. PS Here are some great photos of me inside and out of the old Brendan Byrne Arena, known now as the Izod Center. Thank you. -L
  13. Im bringing this back to New Jersey

    DevilinLa, young man, if you have a problem with my posts here, many members have given you a simple yet very effective way to handle it. Just dont click it. My posts have my full name, Louis Lamoriello, so you're point about clicking anything that says "Lou Lamoriello" appears to be non-feasible here. Im just trying to keep our great fans entertained, I mean "well informed" during the off season as you will not see many posts by myself about the organization during the season. Now that, that unpleasantry has been addressed, for the great fans behind me, I appreciate your continued support. I just got off the phone with Chicago's GM about a possible trade that deals with Jason Pandolfo and Bryce Salvador. It appears they would like to reunite John Madden with Jason Pandolfo, and we are interested in signing a 2nd line center, or possibly Patrick Sharpe. Please stay tuned as any new information will be posted here for the individuals who support me and here and that is truely appreciated. As always, it's like everything else. If you can get better, you do. But certainly you look at it with a little more emphasis. I think you have to look at the people that you have in your lineup and try to support where you think there are some needs. Certainly, what happened to our defense, we had needs there and I just think it's going to help all the players. I don't like total disruption. It's trying to keep the puzzle whole, our core whole. We are bringing up our young players, and developing them within our system. We look forward to having our top development team play in front of the Lowell fans. In regards to Brendan Shanahan, I have been in constant talks with Brendan and his agent and actually am going to be late for a lunch meeting to discuss a contract extension today at the Panera bread in Edgewater NJ. I encourage any and all fans to come down and encourage Brendan to resign with our great organization. Thank you and please be on the lookout for a new coach announcement Monday morning. -L
  14. Im bringing this back to New Jersey

    Young man, it is close to 40 lbs and I am lifiting it over my head. Im pushing 80 years young you know... -L
  15. Im bringing this back to New Jersey

    Im bringing the cup back to New Jersey and it starts with Yann Danis. Signed and Delivered. -L