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  1. Who is the greatest living hockey player?

    Maybe most exciting?
  2. Sean Avery Arrested in LA

    Haha gay jokes because he supports gay marriage, haha. Awesome.
  3. Islanders New Third Jersey?

    What is with blue and orange teams needing to add black to their uniforms? I hate the black on the Mets and think this looks terrible as well. The Mets look best in their home pinstripes w/out the black and the Islanders look good in their current uniforms. Why do something like this?
  4. Leaked Jets Logo

    Haha very good thing to keep in mind. A marked improvement compared to what used to be.
  5. Leaked Jets Logo

    I'm not sold on them. I'm a huge fan of the old Jets look though, so part of me wishes they just went with a sleek new verison of that. But maybe this will grow on me. I agree though it would make a better shoulder patch though.
  6. Coyotes to remain in Arizona

    I'm still hoping for the Jets to come back, somehow someway. I just love the name, jerseys and the colors (provided they stay the same with the RBK updating). Anyway, if Atlanta moves to Winnipeg, what happens to the divisions? I'm assuming Nashville would go the Southeast, Minnesota to the Central and Winnipeg to the Northwest. Or I guess Winnipeg could go to the Central but it'd be silly to have a team north of the Wild in the Central. But who knows, Bettman might have a say in this so...
  7. Devils May Choose To Take Parise To Arbitration

    I'd rather they not play hardball with Zach. Show some good faith and show him he's a big part of our future. I understand from a business sense taking him to arbitration given what happened last year, but if he leaves after next year, what have we gained? Yeah we save money next year, but so what? Then we watch Zach flourish with another team for the next 10 years?
  8. Devils/Rangers pre-season game in Albany

    My girlfriend sent me the link to this a few minutes ago. We'll definitely be going!
  9. winnipeg jets?

    It's funny how a market like Nashville can work, but Atlanta can't. I guess there is less sports in Nashville, but still you would think Atlanta would work better before Nashville would. The Preds have been a better team though, so I'm sure that counts for something. But, Nashville shows you can make it work in a non-traditional hockey market, you just have to have the right hockey people at the start.
  10. Huge NHL/NBC deal

    It's not a bad deal and I'm glad the NHL stayed away from ESPN. VS > ESPN2. Although, in 10 years will anyone be watching cable TV as we know it anyway? Lots of us will be watching on our mobile devices, tablets and laptops. I wonder if they put any of that into the deal?
  11. Thrashers Retire Third Jersey

    It's actually better than their regular away jerseys, that's for sure. Atlanta definitely has the worst uni's in the league in my eyes. Colors, fonts and graphics are all horrible. Please move so you can get a new logo, color scheme and jerseys.
  12. winnipeg jets?

    http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/39788-Campbell-Coyotes-closing-in-on-move-to-Winnipeg.html It's on The Hockey News's blog now too. I really hope they bring back the Jets and don't go with the Manitoba Moose. What's the point? You already have merchandise for the Jets so why change it? Plus, I love the Jets uni's and logo and want it back in the league!
  13. Montreal-Boston

    Ha, nice. I saw a game like that against Boston College at UMaine. This game is crazy though. Glad Versus is carrying it, but what why the hell does TSN let McGuire be a color guy? Put him as far away from the announcer's booth as possible.
  14. Davis & Swift traded to Sharks for Steve Zalewski & Jay Leach

    Tough call for Lou on what to do with this team...really hot right now but he has to think long term. That said I'd rather not trade Greene right now so hopefully it's more minor than that...
  15. new tampa bay logo and jersey

    I like 'em. I like how they're rolling out a whole new vision and brand. Not too long ago Tampa was a Stanley Cup champ and then fell off the face of the earth. It's nice to see a team get some stability and go forward with a good core of players and management. Yzerman and everyone are doing a great job in Tampa so far it seems. They do look a little close to Toronto, who also made a good change to their jerseys with the font change they made. Simple is usually better for jerseys.