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  1. Need two cheap tickets to Devils Rangers on March 10th. Let me know if you have any please. I would like to pay 35 or face value with the charges (about 41 dollars a piece) for the tickets. Thanks
  2. I dont know if they were ever down 5-0 I know it was 5-1 and I thought that was the most they were down. but anyway. Sutter sucks and I hope they lose for the rest of the year. That is all.
  3. I forget which one but the one shot was the exact same shot that he was beaten on earlier in the game. Top corner over the glove I believe it was from the top/side of the circle. it was an identical shot, he shouldve been looking for that to come at him again. i blame 80 percent of that loss on brodeur. yes, the defense in the end couldve been better but a shot from the top of the circle beating you the same way the other goal did, that needs to be stopped.
  4. whats everyones thoughts? why dont we get someone who can help us? this guy played one game and had one shot on goal last season.
  5. today is july 3rd, not 4th
  6. annddddd another one slips away.
  7. good, give frazee a spot to back up. weekes makes us weaker without a doubt.
  8. anything would be good. we just need some sort of a move that makes us better. not this waiting game while everyone else gets stronger. i woud love if that trade with the leafs is true. that would make our d stronger no doubt.
  9. Yeah I am not happy at all with this first day. We need one offensemen and one defensemen to make me feel more comfortable. Marty needs more help now that he is getting older. How did we win those other three cups? Defense.