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  1. McLeod is a Right Handed Center as well.
  2. This may have been mentioned already but I didn't feel like going back through this thread to see if it was already said. If anyone is interested Hockey Central at Noon had Ray Shero on the other day and it was a good listen. He talks briefly about Kovalchuk and basically just says he's going to reach out to Kovalchuk and his agent this week. There's also a few good quotes in there about the draft. They talk about the Devils head scout, and Jeff Marek says he's hearing the Devils are leaning towards Hischier. if anyone is interested in listening you can find it on the podcast app on iPhones. Just search Hockey Central @ Noon and it's the episode from May 1st
  3. Ottawa isn't a good team. They were lucky to be up 2-0
  4. If the Devils lose to philly on Tuesday there's a legit chance Arizona could pass us. I would be surprised if we beat the pens or isles and the Yotes play both Vancouver and Dallas coming up.
  5. Well tonight overall was a great night for Tanksville Would have liked the Yotes to win as well but a unexpected Canucks win was big enough.
  6. Craig Button is the Hipster of hockey scouts. His rankings are pretty insane.
  7. Rangers are 0-3 against Montreal this season. Granted two of the games were close but still, I think Montreal might be a bad matchup for the Rangers and if they do get past them, Ottawa has been good against them as well (pretty sure they still have one more game against them this season) Anyway, LGD!
  8. The goalie market sucks, and whatever the Devils get for Cory would be a massive rip off. It's not worth getting rid of him.
  9. Well losing tonights game, a game they really should have won is big if you're a fan of Tanksville. Trying to look on the bright side.
  10. Just saying, the last time the Devils won a game Derek made the GDT. He didn't make the next GDT and they haven't won since. Im not supersticious but I am a little sticious - Michael Scott
  11. I don't see the Devils being a cap team next season, and if that's the case I don't think they would buy him out.
  12. I think a lot of it has to do with people comparing the top end prospects in this draft to the ones of the previous two seasons. There isn't any generational talent in this draft like Mcdavid, Mathews, Eichel, etc but there is still some really good top end talent in it. Apparently this draft isn't as deep as other too, but that's where good scouting comes in and based on last years draft it seems like they know what they are doing in those later rounds. I don't think anyone shouldn't be excited for the draft personally. You never know with these things. Hell, wasn't everyone saying 2013 was going to be the best draft since 2003 and so far it hasn't nearly come close to that calibur.
  13. That goal was all because lovejoy can't stick handle or pass for sh!t.
  14. I feel like 6m a year for Shattenkirk is a couple million lower then what he would get at UFA. I think when it's all said and done he's getting paid 7.5-8m a year. I think that's more of a reason he turned down Tampa then anything. Also he's said he wants to be closer to home. I don't think it's necessarily Rangers or bust, I think he realizes he can get more on the open market and have his choosing of which team to go to.
  15. They weren't great but they definitely could have won tonight if kinkaid didn't sh!t the bed. 3 of those goals were horrible and you can argue he should have had a couple others. Oh well. On to the next one.