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  1. I'm actually really glad he's back. Hoping he's a 4th liner this year cause it seems like that's where he belongs but I think he's a pretty good 4th liner. Guy can play PK, looked very good on the PP, and can score in the shootout. LGD
  2. Went to the game today. Was definitely worth the drive up. Even without the two goals, Lappin player stand out game. Could definitely see him becoming a good 3rd liner for the big club. Severson, Boucher, Blender are all definitely too good for the AHL. I like that Albany plays Boucher on the top PK unit. Glad his overall game is rounding out. Blender got away with a nasty board in OT that could have been costly. But overall looked real good using his speed and strength. Also showed some slick hands with a really nice dangle in the offensive zone in OT. Severson all around was great. Didn't get beat in the D Zone, created good chances in the O Zone including the shorthanded tying goal. Albeit one kinda soft goal allowed by Wedge I thought he was one of the biggest difference makers tonight. I also thought Mozik, Helgeson, and Pietila looked pretty good tonight. Sislo had an assist on Rod Pelly shorthanded goal but it was a lucky play where Sislo attempted to feed Pelly on a 2 on 1 and it went off pellys skate and in. Overall I noticed Sislo more making good defensive plays. Overall great game, and a lot of guys that you want to see contribute were playing a big role in the game.
  3. I have a question, it says in the tsn article that players entering their 3rd and final year of their ELC would be exposed. Now assuming this happens after next season wouldn't that mean that Zacha, Santini, and Wood would all be exposed? Cause didn't the lose a year on the ELC by playing in the last game of the season and in the AHL playoffs?
  4. Saw this on twitter. Man, these guys are bitter. http://blogs.theprovince.com/2015/11/23/the-provies-hats-corsi-wars-and-why-the-devils-get-a-big-laugh-at-the-canucks-expense/#st_refDomain=t.co&st_refQuery=/RiXyvas06j
  5. Not sure how many teams do stuff like this but I know the Pens at least used to do this. It was documented in the Caps Pens 24/7 series. I think at one point Paul Martin was mustache boy. I have a feeling some people will get annoyed because it's something else that we've taken from the Penguins, but I like stuff like this. Glad the guys are having fun this season and I think that energy and close team bond really comes through in their play this year.
  6. @TGfireandice: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: LAK get conditional 7th-rd pick for Brian O'Neill going to NJD. O'Neill was AHL MVP last season. Conditions relate to GP/re-signing.
  7. oh ok, I still thought that the trade with Ottawa gave us a 3rd. I knew we didn't have ours, but I thought we still had the one from Florida.
  8. Pretty sure we have four 3rd round picks for next year now.
  9. Thought Zacha, Hrabarenka, Severson, Kalinin, Coleman, Jacobs, Pietila, looked pretty good. Santini looked solid and had a few nice hits as well. Quenneville also had some nice plays. Biggest things I noticed: .Zacha is so strong on the puck and smart without the puck. So many times players would try to check him and he would basically just shoulder them off. The goal Severson scored was set up by Zacha as he fought off a few checks and found Severson in open ice. Zacha also made a bunch of good reads without the puck to shut down opposing plays. He had a really good nueutral zone interception that sent him in on a breakaway, unfortunately there was a player still on the ice from a line change and It got called for an offsides. He had one chance to show off his one timer in the 2nd period, and the kid can really shoot the puck. Jacobs blocked the shot but was limping on the ice for the rest of the shift. .Severson is so good at seeing open ice, which we kind of knew already. There were so many times were he would find a seam for a breakout pass through the neutral zone. He looked like he was paired often with White and Fitzgerald often so he seemed to be taking less risks in terms of pinches. Had two really good looks to the net, 1 ended up being a goal. .Jacobs stood out the most in my opinion in the offensive zone. He made some really good passes to find open players and had some good give and go's to get himself in a shooting area. He could have easily buried a few, just missed the net going high. .Coleman was pretty physical all game and has some speed to his game. Noticed him mostly breaking up plays and causing turn overs for the other team. He also had a few good chances, one being a breakaway. .Hrabarenka looked solid. Didn't do anything flashy or anything just played really well at both ends of the rink, later ended up getting a goal (although I felt like it was a softie by Blackwood). He was probably the most affective dman for the white team. .I felt the same way about Pietila as I did Coleman. Used a lot of his speed to break up plays had a few really nice hits and wasn't afraid to get into the corners. Reminds me a little bit of Parise, very doubtful he turns into anymore more than a 3rd liner though. Kalinin, looks like he can be a pretty solid NHLer. The guy has some speed, made some nice passes and looks to the net. He was on a breakaway and was tripped up but rather than giving up he pushed the puck up and Kerfoot picked it up to score. He also scored in the shootout where he roofed it on the backhander. Overall it was a fun event, glad that something like this was finally open to the public. It was pretty cool seeing the openness of people on the organization. Saw Lou, Hynes, and Dano talking to fans (they were sitting at tables roped off but close enough for people to talk to them/get pictures with.) And after the event they had the players skate around and throw signed pucks out into the crowd.
  10. I would buy one off of you if you still have one available. Let me know, thanks.
  11. If anyone has 1 extra ticket to this I would be interested in buying it from them. My friend who is getting into hockey wants to come so I was hoping I could get one more. Either way really looking forward to getting to see Zacha, Blandisi, Santini, Kalinin, and Blackwood play in person, even if it is only a scrimmage.
  12. That brings him to 26 so he will still be an RFA. That's a pretty good deal. If he turns into a good player he's still under team control when his contract is up. And if the devils decide to trade him the fact that he would remain under team control would probably be appealing to other teams.
  13. Thats assuming all of the pieces came together and we were able to get all of these players here in 1 offseason and even then this team is not great. Maybe this team makes the playoffs but its not a Stanley Cup contender and the Devils wouldnt have the assets and cap space to make them a cup contender in years to come. Making moves like this leaves them in perpetual mediocrity. The goal shouldn't be to just make the playoffs, it should be to win a Stanley Cup.
  14. With LTIR the cap hit still counts but it allows you to exceed the Cap ceiling by whatever that contract is. I guess in a sense it makes the cap hit not count.
  15. Ryder's contract is up, he will be a UFA. Shero hasn't mentioned that he won't re-sign him but I think it's probably because it's obvious that Ryder has no intention of playing here anymore after he was healthy scratched for half the year