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  1. They weren't great but they definitely could have won tonight if kinkaid didn't sh!t the bed. 3 of those goals were horrible and you can argue he should have had a couple others. Oh well. On to the next one.
  2. Not sure if anyone saw this today but TG tweeted that if a team wants to trade a player who was previously claimed on waivers they first need to subject that player to waivers again before they can trade him. So I guess if the Devils really want to trade PAP they would first have to put him on waivers and risk losing him for nothing.
  3. I would hope a 3rd. I think a second rounder might be too hopeful though. He's on the 4th line right now, and honestly he's been a passenger on this team for long stretches this season. Not saying I'm displeased with what we've gotten out of someone we got for free, just saying I don't think he's worth a second round pick.
  4. Capfriendly.com will show you what draft picks each team has. I think after the Fiddler trade the Devils have either 9 or 10 picks
  5. Yeah really surprised they got a 4th for him. Makes me think maybe theres hope they can get a 3rd or a 4th for Quincey and PAP. This also opens up a spot for a younger player for the rest of the season. Great move by Shero
  6. Not sure if you've watched many Colorado games this season, but Gelinas is straight up horrendous. He's getting Waived by the Avalanche....the Avalanche! Probably one of the worst defenses in the league. But hey, at least he can shoot the puck into the glass harder than most in the league.
  7. Im pretty high on Severson to be honest. I think there's a lot of good stuff we've seen from his game to suggest he will become a really good NHLer. Besides the +/- statistic I think this has been a good season for Damon so far, as he's shown a lot of improvement from last season. His in zone defense is much better then last season in my opinion, and he's either passed or is around the numbers he put up last year in 27 more games. Last season in 72 games he put up 21 points, 5 powerplay points, 66 hits, and 41 blocks. Already this season in 45 games he's put up 21 points, 9 powerplay points, 41 hits, and 43 blocks. The hits will probably be around the same come 72 games but the rest of these statistics will most likely be career highs for him, which I think is what every devil fan wants to see from him - steady improvement. I think Severson has the potential to be a very very good offensive defenseman in this league. If he hits around 35-40 points this season (which I think is possible) I think everyone should be happy with that number. That would actually be the third highest amount of points a Devils defenseman tallied in a season since the 05 lockout - Zidlicky and Rafalski being the two that broke 40 points
  8. This is only the second year of a rebuild guys. People need to calm down and be realistic with where the team is at and what they need for the future.
  9. I think he looked alright. He's playing 4th line, and I think he ended up being a -1. However the goal that was scored against was off of an awful pass that Anderson's linemate through to the point which lead to a Latvia breakaway. Anderson was a big part of the first USA goal as he was right in front of the net putting on a screen. He had some nice shifts here and there, but not a ton of ice time. Mcleod is the extra skater tonight for Canada. He's only taken a few shifts. Speers is also playing 4th line although he's making the most out of his ice time. He's been very noticeable on the for check and had a great PK blocking a shot and making a hit without a stick. Also drew a penalty in the third. Rykov is on the top D pairing, PK, and PP for Russia. His skating ability seems pretty good. He's had a few shifts where he stuck with Canada's top players and forced them wide and behind the net. It's nice seeing him get a ton of ice time in this tournament, considering I'm sure most of us have barely seen him play. Edit: since I posted this, Rykov has a goal and an assist. He was also named the Team Russia player of the game.
  10. Yeah Hynes is the real deal. Not sure how anyone can deny that with what he's done with the roster last season and so far this season.
  11. So Henrique, Palmieri, Cammy, and Auvitu were all taken off the powerplay?
  12. Love how that blatant hook wasn't called 20 seconds before the goal....
  13. Agreed. Guy had an assist, was a plus 2, and had a team leading 3 shots last night. It was probably his best game so far, but because he didn't score on a breakaway people are complaining? I agree he hasn't looked his best this season so far, but I think his "struggles" might be a bit overblown right now.
  14. I'll have to watch this later. I listened to a good portion of the game last night on the Sabres radio feed. Obviously they were focusing on Sabres players but they were raving about Zacha. I think it was in the third period but the commentator basically said he belongs in the NHL already.