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    Yay, someone actually responded! I was beginning to feel like a Larry! Thought I had better get another Brit on here. Cant have you monopolising the market. Well you are welcome to come and cry over it anytime mate.
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    Hello! I've been viewing this forum for a while now as my source for all things Devils and thought it was about time I said hello! I've been a Devils fan for a good few years and am looking forward to watching them win their next Stanley Cup!! I've had the pleasure of coming over to Jersey from England twice now, the first time I saw game 5 of the Tampa series in 2007. I then got to come back in Febuary for the 5 game homestand. During which I had the greatest experience a Devils fan can hope for, sitting next to a Rangers fan in The Rock watching the Devils shut out the Rangers! Awesome! Im looking at next seasons schedule now (and my bank balance) trying to work out if I can come over again.... Until then, websites and forums such as this are as good as it gets for a fan on the wrong side of the pond! Go Devils!