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  1. Brodeur leaves Reebok for Sher-Wood

    Actually, I'm a Sher-Wood guy myself! The rbk stuff was always too expensive for me. I felt like I was just paying for a name. Maybe its different here in the states though. I haven't gone shopping here for equipment yet, but thats because its harder to find a league to play in so I haven't bothered.
  2. The Shanahan Debate

    I agree with that 100%. This is a guy who has been around a while and played for five different NHL teams. While he may not be at his best anymore, he used to be pretty good and he always had a good attitude coming into a game and leaving a game which I believe could help our younger new guys develop into better professional hockey players. From a mental game point of view that is.
  3. Hey guys, only time will tell how we do this season. Fact of the matter is, no matter what, we'll all be behind our guys cheering em on! Ultimately it wont matter who is right or wrong based on opinion. Lous "plans" usually do pretty well anyways. I have faith
  4. Ah I saw this post and let out a rather nice sigh of relief. I like Zajac.
  5. Hello, Hej, and Mit

    I agree. Contrary to popular belief (from what I hear around here from sports fans in this city *and how many penguins fans can there be in one place!?*) The Devils are a very well liked and respected team where I'm from.
  6. Hello, Hej, and Mit

    Hey everyone whats up? My name is Jan which is short of Janne. I just moved to Erie Pennsylvania US from Joensuu Finland. I'm starting college here. Anyways, I have been a devils for a long time. We were fortunate enough to be able to watch NHL Hockey in my family and I have been a Devils fan since I was very little (I used to like the christmas jerseys and Ive been a fan ever sense) Little about me. I'm half Fin, half Swede. Woo I can translate for you! haha. I played hockey for a team in finland that we called the Keggers (like beer). I'm a defense guy (cuz im tall and fat 6'5 240) anways I cant wait for this season. plus you guys got some awesome players on the way soon. Your swedes and Ilkka are better then a lot of people give them credit for. Ive seen them play a few times anyways I cant wait to get to know you guys! and as always, LETS GO DEVILS!