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  1. The Movies thread!

    Joon-ho Bong is the man! I haven't seen it yet, but his segment in the film Tokyo! is the best of the three. Memories of Murder is on my list of things to see. This film isn't even from Sundance 2010, it's from last year's! Proof that if you don't have any major studio backing or a distribution contract, it's almost impossible to get your movie seen outside of Sundance. My friend, Brooke, is in it, too. She was supposed to be an extra, but it turned into a speaking part. She's in the trailer! 2:12--she's wearing the yellow shirt. Plug, plug, plug a lug...this is my shamless plug!!!
  2. The Movies thread!

    I don't know man. My friend and I walked out of the theatre with very little to say; other than it sucked the big one. In movie land, this is what they call well-made shlock. The cinematography and art design were wonderful, the actors worked pretty well (I really liked Ben Kingsley & Michelle Williams), and some scenes were really well put together. But the actual source material is really lame stuff, and the twist was convoluted. It also didn't work psychologically with the flash backs--they were pretty, nothing more. Also, the Nazi material was pointless, because if you consider the twist, it all adds up to nothing. Also, there were so many scenes of just mindless dialogue and exposition. There are theories that there are deeper meanings in the subtext of the nature of the employees at Shutter Island, that give complete new meaning to Teddy and his development--quite honestly, that's just digging. I don't blame Scorsese for this film, he did the best he could with the material. I'm pretty much in the realm of opinion with these guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piSkIJwK6OM However, the movie cost $80,000,000 to make, and the gross revenue is currently $130,825,000. So we just went from well-made schlock, to well-made profitable schlock. I can see some people liking this for what it is. For me, I really like psycholocial horror like Jacob's Ladder, Silence of the Lambs, or The Shining. Hell, even the Silent Hill video game series works (we won't talk about the movie, though ). That's all, just my opinion, and according to Rotten Tomatoes, I'm in the minority anyway. It's on the top 250 list on iMDB also, but that's always changing. Wanted to like it more, just couldn't. Sun rise, sun set. Cheers
  3. The Movies thread!

    The movie is one of my personal favorites, but I've actually heard the same thing from a number of people in regards to the ending. Also in the book, Project Mayhem (in general) is much more fleshed out. You're not alone at all. For the hell of it, here's Roger Ebert complaining about the movie. He says the movie ends up being "routine." The review is almost unwatchable. There is nothing routine about Fight Club. At least the other critic gives him a rebuttal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-suvmYrEVX0
  4. The Movies thread!

    I'm not trying to defend Kevin Smith or anything like that (honestly, a bad movie is a bad movie), but there might be a good chance that he did this work-for-hire because he just needs to buy more time for projects he cares about. Those projects being Red State (a horror film he's been developing for the last three years) and Hit Somebody (a movie about a hockey player who has a knack for fighting). How about that Devils fans! A Kevin Smith movie about hockey! Hell yeah! It's going to be filmed in Michigan (rumored), so I think it's Detroit hockey, but whatever. Peace!
  5. The Movies thread!

    Yay! My comments on Choke made it to the discussion! Who knew my ramblings would amount to anything! Okay, moving on. I Just watched the trailer this morning. I had such a mixed reaction to it. On one hand, the whole movie looked promising, but at the same time, the whole thing looked "off". I don't know, it almost looks like it wants to be The Savages but at the same time...no. So weird. On another note, I don't know if any of you are familiar with The Angry Video Game Nerd, but he also does other videos, too. In fact, he's originally a movie buff. Here's his video--The Top Ten Worst Movie Cliches. Top Ten Worst Movie Cliches CLICK HERE
  6. The Movies thread!

  7. The Movies thread!

    I agree. I'm so surprised this movie isn't in IMAX. Not having a story has never stopped IMAX before! Just a link...really...click it....it won't hurt....just a link...
  8. Did you know MTV has a new show coming out called "Jersey Shore"? Haven't we suffered enough?

  9. The Movies thread!

    If you like magic, and I know you do, check out The Prestige. The Prestige It came out around the same time as the Illusionist, and it apparently kicks butt. I didn't see either film...so I know my endorsement is rather odd. I just remember a lot of people raving about it. Oh yeah, the Illusionist was only nominated for cinematography. Pan's Labyrinth won that year--and for good reason. Peace! Shameless Video Promotion
  10. The Movies thread!

  11. The Movies thread!

    Good list. Very funny to see the Halloween remake at the bottom of the list. Good to see Dreamcatcher at #7. The movie had a pretty good premise (I mean, come on, it's Stephen King) and there were some really good, disgusting moments involving anuses...and blood. Okay, not so much good, but well done bloody anuses. Then the movie just gets ridiculous. I saw most of it on HBO in a hotel (I think a band trip) and I was kind of just planning the rest of my evening while watching it. Oh yeah, and sorry for the font. Didn't mean to make your eyes twitch. Cheers!
  12. The Movies thread!