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  1. Brylin Out 2-3 Months With A Broken Wrist

    Ok after reading a good number of the ridiculous posts in this thread I realise why I stopped visiting this site on a regular basis. You guys are nuts.
  2. Brylin Out 2-3 Months With A Broken Wrist

    Guess you didn't see the game. The fact that white is or is not "a bull in a china shop" has nothing to do with how the injury occured. It was just a freak thing that occationally happens when 4 players going to the boards with a bit of steam behind them.
  3. Yea Supposedly Next 13 Games On Fsny!

    One other thing about Metro that truely sucks for those of us who get to see the games is that the picture quality is absolutely terrible. It is as if they haven't properly calibrated their equipment or it is so old it is failing. I am not sure if anyone knows what i am talking about but the picture is almost oversaturated with light or the white balance is off. You can barely see the lines, Cricles, goal crease and puck. Some nights it is as if there are bodyless heads floating around the ice for whatever team is wearing white. Granted it isn't as bad as I make it out but it is terrible makes me think I am in a time warp watching late 60's sports broadcasting. Sometimes I think I may be better off just listening to the play by play on 770 rather than punishing my eyes being frustrated.
  4. Devils Fans Out In Force!!

    This remeinds me of my seeing the cup experience. After the Banner raising Ceremony when we won the cup in 1999-2000. A group of my friends and I decided to go over to Hoolihans over by the arena for dinner. As we were waiting for out food to arrive a group of really hot women came in. As it is our job as typical males we were drooling and oogling. Following them in were a few of really dorky looking guys and euro trash bleach blonde losers. they took a group of tables over to our left. Like I said earlier it being our job and all we continued to check out the women. All at the same time they were looking at us and talking amongst themselves. And then Low and behold in walks the cup with those two guys who were it's care takers. We nearly soiled ourselves. Being we were so preoccupied with their women two of the guys with them were in fact Patrik Elias and Petr Sykora. You'd think we would have picked it up earlier being they were all speaking Cech and most likely thought we were staring because two of us still had our Devils sweaters on thinking we noticed them. But in conclusion. They were really nice guys and once they finish eating we went up man handled the cup I'm talking we picked it up spun it around fondled it a bit. ANd it was all cool. That night they also gave out mini replica banners as we exited the arena so Patty and Petr Signed it for us. Too bad we couldn't find a camera anywhere so I was unable to get pics. But it was an unbelievable and unforgetable night.
  5. Jiri Bicek

    I can't stand Bicek It may be due to me wanting to see Elias and gomez have a better partner at wing and in turn it causes me to focus on his defects. However, When i watch Bicek Move the puck over blue line I cringe because He'll stop all forward momentum and look to drop the puck back to whoever is behind him more often than not turning the puck over or passing it out of the zone. This usually occurs because there is a D-man in front of him and he doesn't want to get hit. I just don't understand why he doesn't dump it into the corner or take a shot on net and chase with his teammates trailing him.
  6. Drury Back To Av's?

    OK we all have our opinions but one rough season last year doesn't necessarily constitute Drury being a bad regular season player. 98-99 44pts (won calder) 99-00 67pts 00-01 65pts 01-02 46pts 02-03 33pts (only 47games played so far) He had a bit of a slump over the past few games. Yes he's a negative 11 but the +- leader is Dave lowry who happens to be a +2 with only 3 games played. All this says is Calgary sucks. Since when does having a clutch guy in the playoffs is a bad thing. Isn't this a team who cannonised Claude Lemieux Mr. Clutch Playoff performer/ Mr. No show in regular season?
  7. Chico

    http://www.iyvcanada.org/newsstand/index.php?newsid=18 This article may give a little insight to why chico said that about Graves. I remember reading the article when His son and dad died. And the out pooring of support all over the hockey world that happened was amazing. I doubt many of you care but Adam Graves is one of the best representatives hockey could have. He is and was an example to the saying why do bad things happen to good people.
  8. Drury Back To Av's?

    Ok people Open your eyes and ignore your biases. Drury is clutch his numbers and demonstrations in the playoffs speak for themselves. I would be thrilled to acquire him However I'd never give away any of our D-men at the moment anyway Let's have Oleg get healthy and stay healthy plus prove he's back to playing solid hockey then maybe I'd consider moving Rafalski and either Bicek or Berglund for him. I know many of you will be up at arms about this but Rafalski seems to be on the decline. I couldn't help but notice he's been a shadow of his former self since he injured his knee in atlanta last year before the All Star break. He doesn't have the speed or jump in his game he once had. I am not saying he's washed up but it just frustraits me seeing him begin to wither. After all he isn't a 25 year old 4th year player he is 29. I know you all will point out he has 24 points 1g 23a I am simply talking about what I am seeing on the ice or maybe it is what I am not seeing. And back to the Drury Idea remember he is from nearby Trumbull Ct. I bet he'd be thrilled to be able to play an hour to 45min to home.
  9. Hey I'm New

    Very Funny Pepperkorn
  10. Happy Birhtday Diablo!!!

    Thanks alot guys for all your well wishes. I hope everyone has a great New Year.
  11. Request Re:posting

    LOL just having a little fun since if i ever spoke like that most people would be rolling on the floor laughing
  12. Request Re:posting

    Is it possible for folks who post articles to cite the source as well as provide a link to where it can be viewed. I don't mean to sound like a pain but I know DM had requested this in the past and I had gotten accustomed to it. But, not too many people do this any longer I just find it handy to be able to go and read the article before anyone puts in their own editorial views, so I can achieve my own uninfluenced opinion. Plus it is easier to send the link furnished to my friends who may be interested in the article. I try to do it whenever i have something to share but unfortunately I have been too busy to participate as I had in the past. Do as you may. These are my reasons for wanting to get the links. Maybe the administrators have additional reasons for links to be posted along with the articles. I'm just asking you all to simply hook a brotha up. Hope you all have a great holiday season. And the Devils start putting the puck in the net and begin playing good dominant hockey on more consistant basis and stop taking nights off all the time.
  13. Richter Out For The Season

    Well as things go Kloucek will become good, as well will Murray play some of the best hockey of his life. Just as most Ranger players preform better once they leave the Rangers. But don't be so quick to dismiss Dunham as being a waste. He has been playing behind one of worst teams in hockey for the past few years. I don't care who you are if you don't have any support in front of you it is difficult to be at your best night after night. I suspect this Dunham deal will be looked on as a steal (benefiting the Rangers)in a few months. Blackburn has been showing the effects of the heavy load he has been carrying and if this deal wasn't done he most likely would have been on his way to being ruined. Also Kloucek needs to learn how to skate much much better before anyone can even begin to compare him to a future hall of famer. He skates as well as Turner. And don't get me going on Mr. No speed, No stability, Stone hands Stevenson.
  14. Line Names

    I've heard Doc and Chico refer to the Pando, Madden Langs line as the "J"- line
  15. Danton's Days As A Devil Appear Over

    I missed the beginning of the game who replaced him in the lineup?