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  1. Why so? Curious to read your opinion.
  2. Hahahah 1 scorer away, props!
  3. What a missed chance by Henrique. Auvitu is looking really good out there
  4. Is Palmieri injured or scratched? If injured, how did he get injured?
  5. Great contract. Leads him to 30 years old for another extension if necessary, Zajac's contract will also be off by that time.
  6. Debrincat?
  7. So what are we expecting tomorrow?
  8. Penguins are full of sh!t. 3 posts in the third by TB holy cow.
  9. I wouldn't count the caps out to be honest.
  10. Jost or Keller?
  11. Does Zacha lose a year in his ELC now?
  12. Seems like Marty's most wins in a season record will be gone after the season's end.
  13. Ughhh
  14. Although I agree with what you said, what do you mean with the passed on Marner thing? Zacha was selected 6th, Marner was 4th.
  15. Wedgewood actually has some solid stats in the AHL this year.