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  1. Thanks again, Jordan - these are perfect!
  2. Cool that they have the Patty patches on them but somewhat misleading that the jerseys aren't worn during the actual game. In the end, I guess it doesn't really matter because they're being given out for free to STH, rather than being bid on.
  3. Saw that the Devils had a "Shirts Off Our Backs" promotion for the home finale. Anyone have any idea how it worked (randomly selected, bid process, etc.)? I tried contacting the team about it but never heard back...
  4. Yea I have the Getty image with the watermark but want to have it printed . Thanks though.
  5. I'm trying to find a high resolution version of this photo of Adam Henrique from 2/17/2012 vs Anaheim: http://1.cdn.nhle.com/devils/images/upload/gallery/2012/02/139208035_slide.jpg I've searched to no avail and I don't think there's anyway I can change the URL to access a high resolution version either (like in the good ol' days). Any help would be super appreciated!
  6. Sweet jersey - the guy who bought it posted some photos on Facebook. Had great marks, especially for a 2 game jersey.
  7. Yea, man. I was expecting the winning bid to be in the four-figure range. Had to rub my eyes several times when I got the "you won" email from eBay. Couldn't be happier! Does Sports Minded Unlimited have your (formerly-owned) Henrique jersey displayed in the store?
  8. Nice pick-ups. Very jealous about the Dano jersey. Over the past few months I've acquired: Henrique 2011-2012 (Rookie Year) Red Set 2 Pandolfo 1996-1997 (Rookie Year) Red Set 2 Also got a game worn Sarnia Sting jersey of Brenden Trottier. He's not a Devils prospect - I've just always been a fan of the Sarnia Sting jerseys.
  9. That's super helpful - Good to know that there are options if something undesirable gets on a gamer!
  10. Yea, I'm concerned that I'll try removing the sharpie and inevitably end up just smearing it all over the white number. The detergent option worries me because I don't want to remove any board burns/marks. As you noted, it might be best to just leave it as-is.
  11. Does anyone have experience removing a sharpie signature from a gamer? I'm considering purchasing a Devils gamer that has signature on a white number - I'm not a fan of autographed gamers and this one in particular looks like a crappy rush-job (likely as the player walked to from the arena to his car after a game). I've seen a few methods online and wonder how successful (or not) they are.
  12. For two-game retro jersey, that's a pretty fair average.
  13. I remember you referencing the username for Gio's winning bids matching his big bro's twitter handle. Has to be the reason for his jersey going for more than a Schneider.
  14. Geez, the amount that some of these went for is puzzling to say the least. Would've loved to grab the Larsson at that price.
  15. Awesome pick-ups! Speaking of the retro jerseys, any idea how much they went for? I am dumb and missed the damn end of the auction. Wondering if the prices have gone down at all considering they've been wearing the retros for a few years now.