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  1. Saw some Sens fans wanting a Camalleri-Ryan swap. Can't imagine Bobby Ryan is struggling that much but I'd take that trade.
  2. In his defense, that play never should've happened. He got a two hander right on the hands by Tavares moments before. Should been a powerplay for us.
  3. Moore, Quincey, Lovejoy. All interchangeably awful in my mind.
  4. So... Healthy scratch tonight. Hiding an injury? Trade in the works? The latter, please?
  5. Best overall vs. best pure goalscorer is a different story. Come at me Njdevs, but I think without a doubt when Ovechkin retires he will be considered the best pure goal scorer of all time.
  6. MRW someone falls for LD's / BN's bait: Not judging, I've been baited before.
  7. LGD Either win both games, or lose both games. Hope our direction for the trade deadline is clear after this weekend.
  8. PLAN THE - sh!t.
  9. Another in a long list of "meh" Devils who contribute very little to the team and will disappear into anonymity. Had hopes he'd pan into a 3rd liner at some point, had the size and speed.
  10. I don't think it's debatable that Crosby is one of the best ever. He's putting up ridiculous numbers in the lowest scoring era in history. Pains me to say it.
  11. Ehhhh this is more what I'm expecting from this team as we finish out.
  12. Are we at the point where we should just expect one lazy ass penalty from Camm per game?
  14. ...Doh.
  15. He should send Antoine Vermette a thank-you note - Vermette took the headlines away from Nyquist with that ref slash imo.