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  1. And of course they score off a failed clear by Lovejoy. You know, this may not be fair seeing as I've never even met the guy.. but I feel like I want to... Punch him in the face?
  2. This pleases me.. I know opinions here vary, but I would GREATLY enjoy seeing Parise and his ranch buddy Suter retire without a cup. ------- So it would seem we're destined to finish 27th or 28th. Not bad, would be something if the lottery balls broke out way again.
  3. You guys are coming at this from one angle, I was thinking something a little different. Are there any terrible contacts out there we can acquire? Find teams in desperate shape and at risk of losing a good player to the expansion draft, and take a contract off their hands (at a cost of course). Hoard all the draft picks you can.
  4. There's god damn video evidence of Crosby cutting this guy's finger in half, and they're not even going to give him a call/schedule a hearing? Lol this league, honestly feels 2nd rate sometimes.
  5. I would suggest those complaining about effort and "players not caring" take a step back and realize this team is essentially done with the season at this point. They showed up in their last big home game of the year, so kudos for that, but everyone in that locker room understands the situation here. I'll give them a pass if they look less than interested to close the season out here.
  6. Uhh yes, to trading this year's 1st overall in a package for Tavares with an agreed-upon extension. Tavares is a fvcking beast - in this hypothetical situation you hope a kid like Patrick pans out into a Tavares-type player. There are a lot of "ifs" in this scenario, but it's a resounding yes from me.
  7. You can tell there's a hockey IQ there. He mentioned during his post-game with Deb how he crossed the ice to draw the Dman toward him and open up the lane for Blandisi. There's an actual thought process there, very encouraging.
  8. What a fantastic fvcking game. All-in-all, it made me miss competitive Devils hockey. Agreed - No need for DSP or Cam to rush back. If I were Shero/Hynes I'd tell them to shut it down and pack their bags for Vegas.
  9. Was literally sitting here screaming that at my TV. Followed up with a "THANK YOU!" naturally
  10. Those were exclusive to Marty it seems
  11. Eh. One team here has its fans excited for the playoffs, the other has its fans excited for the draft. Happens to Canadian teams all the time - visitors invading, I mean.
  12. Man what an unlucky sequence for Cory.
  13. I'm going to, perhaps naively, just assume he's going through the typical stuff young players go through. He's clearly got the tools and IQ.
  14. Yeah... Brutal snowing by Zacha. The cross ice pash that was picked by Nash can't happen.. ever.
  15. Merrill has made some stupid fvcking decisions tonight. And he's gotten totally worked a couple times as well.