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  1. Agreed, he's too slow for them.
  2. This is a game where, if it was the Devils on their heels desperately trying to protect a lead, I'd have no doubt the other team would score in the final minute with the goalie pulled. Needless to say, I don't have the same confidence with the devils pressing.
  3. That's gotta be a sweet "Go fvck yourself" for Zajac. "Flash the glove again ya son of a bitch"
  4. If this game mattered I'd get upset at the officiating. But it's probably better for my health not to do that.
  5. Need me one of those "pride" ONENJ shirts. I'm normally not in favor of organizations expressing opinions on social issues, but I can behind an all encompassing and including message. Love everyone... Except for Rangers fans. And Flyers fans. And you know what, Islanders and Penguins fans suck too. fvck the entire metro actually. And while we're at it, there are some obnoxious fans in the Atlantic, Central, and Pacific divisions too. You know what, they're all terrible. fvck everyone else besides Devils fans, yep.
  6. LGD
  7. He couldn't cut it in Edmonton, and now the Blues are giving up on him. I dunno there's gotta be something going on off the ice that makes him unplayable. Work ethic, coachability, general attitude.. unless you can get him for a late round pick or something I just don't think it's worth it. Problem is the guys that aren't producing don't exactly carry a ton of value.
  8. I think you keep him out because you can't risk him getting hurt and ruining the Shattenkirk deal that's 90% complete
  9. Probably the biggest and most important game of the season. LGD
  10. So St. Louis has apparently had scouts at our last few games, including last night... rumors starting to build.
  11. It's a whole lot of term and money, but he's young and has talent. I dunno. Put him on Hall's line with a speedy center and he could be deadly and thrive.
  12. ....yeeesh.
  13. Saw some Sens fans wanting a Camalleri-Ryan swap. Can't imagine Bobby Ryan is struggling that much but I'd take that trade.
  14. In his defense, that play never should've happened. He got a two hander right on the hands by Tavares moments before. Should been a powerplay for us.
  15. Moore, Quincey, Lovejoy. All interchangeably awful in my mind.