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  1. I mean, while the work itself would probably not be too involved, you're looking at: 1) Union labor rates. 2) Opportunity cost of completely shutting down the facility for at least a month. 3) Minimal returns from the investment, as far as strictly $$$ is concerned. It would never happen, unless the NHL forced the ownership to do it.. but even then, what authority does the NHL have to try and do that?
  2. So, to those of you much more knowledgeable about the remaining (hopefully discounted) reebok jerseys.. What are our options at this point? I heard from a friend that they're selling discounted customized jerseys at the NHL store in NYC, but I'm not heading into the city just to grab a jersey. Now that our lord and savior has had his number officially declared, I'd like to grab a #13 Hischier ASAP before all the new Adidas ones are pushed out.
  3. Embedded just for simplicity:
  4. Time to buy me a jersey.
  5. It's not about front loading, it's about the Rangers 'encouraging' him to retire so that they could clear up cap space. And as if on cue: Truly remarkable that a guy who has to retire from the league because he's just in so much pain found his way to another professional league. Why wouldn't he just LTIR with the Rangers for this year to fully recover from his terribly serious chronic injuries and then sign overseas next year? Wonder how much the Rangers are paying him off the books? Absolutely circumvention, and it's ridiculous that these big market teams (read: Rags, Hawks) can get away with it without repercussion. Silly Shero, buying out Cammalleri. Why didn't he just make him retire instead?
  6. Loktionov to the Kings on a tryout basis.. I'll always remember this goal fondly. Pretty dirty.
  7. I really, really hope he's due for his breakout year. He's finally going to have some young talented players on his line. I really expect him to explode this year.
  8. How could you tease such a video and not post it
  9. Eh I think I'm just expecting him to do the whole "bull in a china shop" thing on the 4th line for a couple years. I think people who expect more out of Wood are going to be disappointed. Edit: Plus I mean, as crazy as it sounds considering he's only 21 years old, he was probably one of the older guys at the camp right? He looks half-interested out there.
  10. Step off the high horse son, don't be disrespecting Rutgers now
  11. Provorov+ *Flyers fans triggered all throughout Filthadelphia*
  12. They have such a hard-on for Provorov and love to bash Zacha. I can't wait for Provorov to inevitably regress and for Zacha to take the next step.