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  1. Losers over at HFboards bitch about the ratings as if they're some sort of reason the Sens and their fans should be ashamed they've made it this far in the playoffs.
  2. How can the Sens come out in the 2nd and get outside 15+ to 3? In an elimination game no less. Sens are looking like.. well, they're looking like what many expected them to against the Penguins.
  3. The Penguin player literally wedges the goalie into the net with his stick, and Eddie and Pierre are tripping over themselves about how it should've been a goal. So fvcking sick of the bias.
  4. I have picked against the Preds three times so far, so... I see either the Sens or Pens taking care of them in the finals.
  5. Total agreement. Don't care about 'sucks', but swallows is cringe worthy, trashy and embarrassing.
  6. Oh is that what we're gonna do today NJDevs? We're gonna fight?
  7. Gotta say I'm pretty pleased about this. She drove me nuts at first, but over time I think she grew into the role... to a functional level. Dano to radio, bring a new PBP guy in for Steve.
  8. No interest in Eberle unless Edmonton retains salary - he's a soft player with work ethic issues (which is kinda the opposite of what Shero/Hynes is trying to build here imo).
  9. Good God if PK wins the cup and brings it to Montreal to celebrate.. my justice boner might last longer than 6 hours and therefore require medical treatment. fvck the Habs and how they handled PK. Edit: I can't grammar in the morning
  10. I think putting wrestling commentary over stuff is my favorite thing the internet has created.
  11. Mannnn I'm awful at predicting the West. Thought the Preds were good but that the Ducks would push em around.
  12. Fiddler did everything asked of him by the Devils, have nothing but the best wishes for him. Hope he manages to pull off something special with Nashville. Also, I think it was kinda cool of Shero to get Fiddler's blessing on the trade to Nashville before pulling the trigger. IIRC he didn't have a NTC or NMC.
  13. I'm going to echo this. When they took "NJ" off their away unis before officially moving out of NJ they lost any sort of loyalty I had. Hope the franchise burns to the ground.
  14. Pierre clearly has a Penguins bias, I don't think even the most homer Penguins fan could deny it. Multiple times last night he said "in the regular season that's a penalty" in reference to a play Ottawa made. I mean I guess NBC is tailed to the American audience, so they don't mind. Senators fans aren't watching NBCSN. But for those of us who despise the Penguins it makes the broadcasts pretty unbearable.
  15. Kovalchuk++ for Drouin. Get it done Shero.