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  1. Gotta agree. Unless we make significant other additions and he can be a complimentary piece, you've gotta cut ties and get what you can for him.
  2. fvckIN GO CAPS GO
  3. God damn. Wish we could get our fans to do something like this.
  4. Once again ladies and gentlemen I'm proving that my brackets are more-or-less worthless.
  5. Son of a bitch. Rags go home to potentially clinch.
  6. Can't say I'm surprised but I thought the BJs would put up a better fight.
  7. Obligatory "THE CUP IS OURS" comment
  8. Oh sh!t, you're right - just wiki'd it to make sure. For some reason I thought he was around for two, clearly not.
  9. God just fvcking kill me now if we end up bringing that buffoon here. Bylsma lucked into having Crosby and Malkin carry him to multiple championships.
  10. I haven't watched all the games from that series but my impression from their fans is that Elliot more or less cost them at least 2 games with his bad goals. Like.. Elliot has been very bad. I think it was understood going into game 4 that he was on a very short leash. IMO it didn't really matter, it became pretty apparent that the Ducks were going to roll the Flames one way or another.
  11. But seriously, we have the money and space. Shattenkirk should be the #1 priority imo, but if Oshie makes it known that he'd like to sign here if the price was right (read: not completely absurd) then I say bring him on. It may look ugly down the road (as Cammy's does) but some drastic changes need to be made here.
  12. How the fvck is that goaltender interference?
  13. Well the Sharks showed me something last night - I seriously thought they were done. That's about as dominant a performance as you could hope for.
  14. Holy sh!t what a brutal call on Boston. If the senators score on this PP Boston's gonna riot
  15. Unbelievable. Every single year you can count on the Caps struggling against inferior teams. They're going back to Washington down 1-3.