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  1. oh really? i saw that kid play quite a bit he played with the Moncton Wildcats and was drafted pretty high (not 100% sure where but between 10-15) and he was supposed to be a big deal but he never panned out at all
  2. damn Vesey's agent said they'll talk to the blackhawks too before making a decision... that's no good
  3. I know we were in the bottom 5... 2nd last 2 in 2014-2015 then went up outside of the bottom 5 last season but not sure exactly where but our ratings got better by 39%
  4. cause they have better attendance. I mean... are you saying there's some kind of conspiracy or something? lol it's all about numbers.
  5. Yes but I was playing hockey already and we're talking national and selling the game to casual fans or non-fans. Showing empty arenas is certainly not too appealing.
  6. so would showing teams with an half empty arena give a better image to the casual fan and grow the game?
  7. Yeah this, i mean i don't get why people really get upset at this. It's a business and they want to make money off of those tv deals. If you put a Devils vs Arizona game on national television, i can assure you your ratings are not gonna be great. The Blackhawks are bringing in ratings. It's no different than UFC, without the big names not a whole lot of people would buy the PPV just to see 2 no namers fight. Were the 5th lowest attendance team in the league... I don't see why the league would look at the numbers and be like... "Well even Devils fans are not filling their own arena but i'm sure other fans from around the nation would tune in for that right!?" It really sucks but it is what it is, at some point we gotta stop blaming the league and start blaming people for not showing more support to the team so that the league doesn't have a choice
  8. i do like Cangi too, he's not Doc but you know... i love Schneider eventhough he's no Brodeur too lol we've been spoiled quite a bit
  9. happy for Palmieri but i can't believe this snubbed Kessel again haha
  10. im gonna agree with this haha
  11. Well that's why im asking you to expand on what you're saying lol explain to me
  12. of course but this happen to every team. We just make a big deal out of it when it's going the right way for the Rangers. I mean... we "won" the lottery for Larsson... the league lifted the kovalchuk penalty thing and we didnt lose a first round pick... the hall trade was obviously sliding in our direction etc etc etc Would be totally fair that someone would sit there and say that there's some kind of conspiracy. We all know it's not true but fans usually see and believe what they want to believe
  13. no literally meant it was gonna be interesting sitting back and watching this conversation unfold. I mean..there's obviously a huge rivalry here and most fans are bias, that they are willing to admit it or not. Typically there's a lot of bashing of the rival team about something your own team does but thats fine lol So we've obviously all seen fans going "the league is helping X team"... "the refs are letting players from X team do wtv they want but we wouldn't get that treatment. And 90% of the time it's not true, there's just huge blinders involved obviously there's no such things and we all do it here and there but it's certainly funny to read lol
  14. this should be good.