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  1. Devils give five-year commitment to move to Albany

    I have been boycotting the Bruins since they traded Steve Kasper, and the Lowell Devils really got me back into watching hockey again. Whatever issues the organization in Lowell may have had and/or come up against, they really treated me and my family well. We will miss them mucho. I will follow the NJ Devils and the Albany team just to keep track of the players I like, but I don't think I will be heading west to see the Sharks.
  2. Lowell Devils playoffs tickets

    I did not get a letter but I will go to as many games as possible, assuming they make it of course. It's kind of sad that I might be bringing my 3 year old to his last Lowell Devils game on Sunday.
  3. GDT 10/25 Springfield @ Lowell

    Are you saying they were taking cheap shots? They were pretty nasty.
  4. GDT 10/25 Springfield @ Lowell

    I kind of got the feeling that they were upset that he stepped in to something and then refused to really get involved. The three year old I attend games with tends to make me miss a play or two. I can tell you MacLean was not only furious at the referee but at the team, too. It looked like he was pretty PO'd at Corrente.
  5. GDT 10/25 Springfield @ Lowell

    That was painful to watch.
  6. 10/10 Worcester @ Lowell

    Right on. I like Corrente, but it seems like he's either thinking waaay too much or not at all. I hope he gets some confidence early in the season by playing well and receiving some help from the coaches. It seemed as if he just wanted to dump the puck back to Leach when he was in his own end. He is a good passer, too, and I hope a bit of confidence will help him take the next step.
  7. Pascal Rh

    Good luck to him. I had the pleasure of talking to him a few times in Lowell and he is a nice guy and a competitor.