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  1. Now there's the Ollie Perez we all know (all too well)!
  2. The move also helps us with the expansion draft next year, doesn't it?
  3. The former Brave pulls us through!
  4. I can't believe I just witnessed that. What a zilch De Aza is. Pops up his bunt, on 3-1 by the way, then doesn't run it out. Embarrassing
  5. Huge strikeout of Freeman, Tehran not fast enough to score on the Markakis single, and the hard grounder by Garcia found Flores. Hopefully that trip on the bags took something out of Tehran. He's thrown 85.
  6. Double play has been our friend tonight. Need some runs for Jake.
  7. Which means there's probably a game in Tampa two or three days later.
  8. Well these all came within only 2:02 of each other, so yeah, it's truly an extraordinary thing.
  9. When you're that mad and your team is in this kind of position, you should just leave. There's nothing positive you can do for your team. You're not going to see anything that you would want to watch. It's over.
  10. All hail . . . me.
  11. And Murphy drives in the winning run for the Nats. I don't actually care, good for him and all that. It's just one of those "of course" type things. (And after they rallied in the ninth too) Game 1 of a 162 game race between us and them, and they get sweetness while we have to take last night's blech and move on.
  12. Can we move Columbus back to the West?
  13. Given these rules, how good can we expect an expansion team to be? This is assuming that there's only one, since two would result in the two teams splitting the pool of available players, and thereby harming each other to some extent. I've only ever seen expansion teams get thrashed ( ) their first two seasons on the ice, if not longer. Baseball, on the other hand, has seen some teams do great (champions within 10 years), while others started bad and stayed bad for quite a while.
  14. Great assist by Palmieri.
  15. This could be a series-altering game besides its value in trying to get to 4 W's. Even if they lose this one, it could simply be the team that best recovers from running this marathon that takes the series.