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  1. Saw someone post this link on Reddit, If it turns out to be true, lets remember the positives. I'd have to think his devolution into click-bait was in-part a reflection on the direction his employer went & offering an identical angle that TG established could have rendered his role unneeded years ago. If memory serves, he has been covering the team since to came to NJ & for me was the source in the 90s/early 2000s. There was also a wonderful book on the team history published just before the Rock opened.
  2. do know they make shirts in Mexico right?
  3. Kinda hope the t-shirts are for real
  4. That piece from Sheldon Souray sure didn't feel like it was from a professional ghost writer
  5. I'm sure this, and this alone has drawn their attention away from trying to make the playoffs.
  6. Dude, can you see the irony in your post?
  7. Can someone please throw religion in here too so we can cover all the subjects you should keep to yourself in mixed company? I used to come here to get away from stuff like this. Thanks
  8. how many years left on Clarkson's contract? 5?
  9. except its being used as a goto scapegoat
  10. Well now I'm going to have to teach my kids about irony
  11. The hate towards parents and families has been pretty specific
  12. Quit equating thinking its stupid to some militant parenting effort. I've been a fan of this team longer than some people of this board have been alive. 30 years later, I happen to have kids. Now I'm somehow a target / scapegoat to a faction of fans for the crime of raising them Devils fans too.I could really give a hoot about the chant, but the goto "F'ing parents" argument is pretty infuriating.
  13. You can find it on youtube as well now.
  14. I found this line interesting from the below link: "The two-year agreement calls for all future events currently scheduled for the Izod Center to be moved to the Prudential Center, effective Jan. 31." That says to me in two years, it's conceivable to reopen in private hands. Maybe not, but it seems designed to keep the option open.
  15. I'm not far off from OP's sentiment. I'm not going to paint with a broad brush here, but I've seen some against the owners family friendly efforts translate to anti-family comments. Not here but other social media. I've been a fan of this team for almost 30 years, safe to say longer than some of these commenters have been alive. It's not like there never were families at games. I have kids now and you make me out to be the enemy over some nonsense beef with the owners. It is possible to be a fan and not give a crap about it, I don't. No need to suggest I keep my kids home so you can yell about swallowing. By the way, my kids love the kids club/zone this year, it's very well done and we're going to do a kids skate at some point because of it. But you you know, f the owners, I want to hear a pedo song after goals.