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  1. Concerts

  2. Forum support via ads and Donations

    Just bought some car parts. Hopefully it shows up.
  3. Tickets for 2/7 Vs. Lightning

    Didnt see it posted anywhere yet... newjerseydevils.com/youthhockey password: devils
  4. 2013 NJDevs Fantasy Hockey

    pretty happy he was still there. hopefully he keeps this up.
  5. 2013 NJDevs Fantasy Hockey

    don't post much but signed up.
  6. All-Star Ticket Package

    you should definitely talk to someone about that because they took out the $$ like 4 hours after I placed the order.
  7. All-Star Ticket Package

    I did as well. Wasn't really that confusing. It's only a one time 2% payment so it was like $25 tacked onto the first of the three payments.
  8. Concerts

    The stadium show really disappointed me. That was my first time seeing them and it just seemed like there was no energy there. I agree it was mostly due to the stadium atmosphere. I'm not a big fan of stadium shows either but if it's the only choice you gotta go. Starland is a fire trap waiting to happen with the way they cram people in there. Velvet Revolver on new years eve a few years back was so packed it was impossible to move 2 inches in either direction. Awesome show though. That place is great if it's just under capacity. Sold out shows are not good at all. Haven't been to the House of Blues yet, hoping to go see Cinderella down there soon though.
  9. Concerts

    I had the same issue last summer at AC/DC at Giants Stadium and then again seeing Nickelback at PNC (I was on the lawn and people still complained). I couldn't believe people expected to be able to sit through either of those concerts. It's quite annoying. Gotta agree Starland gets nuts. Seen many mosh pits. Sold out seether show is probably the best I can remember.
  10. Game 4 GDT: Devils @ Flyers 7:30 EST

    agreed, but you can't give the refs an A+ for their jobs in any of these games. It's terrible for both sides. How do you have back to back games with 30+ minutes of penalties?
  11. Game 4 GDT: Devils @ Flyers 7:30 EST

    i love these refs. they've managed to ruin playoff hockey more than a pitiful team could alone. love this effort too.
  12. Anyone here trade hockey cards?

    i've got a nice collection of all sports. jerry rice rookie, scott stevens 2004 auto #'s to 135, Parise/Zajac Dual Auto, carmelo anthony rookie jersey #'d 400, mark sanchez rookie auto #'d 120. all in all i've got about 200 game used and auto cards in my collection. also got some nice pieces like a david wright auto'd mini helmet and a jordan plaque with a piece of his college shorts limited to 250.
  13. GDT: Rangers @ Devils

    all by rolston. kovy tried to hand him a hat trick. just sad.
  14. GDT: Devils @ Flames, 9 PM EST (MSG+) (wFan)

    i'm not hating on marty. im just that curious to see what would happen. think back to clemmensen last season...was the defense that much better then? paul martin must be our savior then.
  15. GDT: Devils @ Flames, 9 PM EST (MSG+) (wFan)

    marty needs to take a seat for the next week just to see if Danis actually gives us a better chance of winning at this point. yes the defense collapses at times and we like to give up goals in bunches but some of these are just too soft to stand anymore.