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  1. Not gonna happen today - we aren't at page 500 yet! Lou is watching
  2. Not that I am aware - but then again I am not the coordinator. Post your question on the facebook event and maybe he will add it
  3. All, Please go to here for information. It was a blast last year - hope you can make it! ------------------------------- From the event organizer: A crawl of local bars in Downtown Newark before the first game of the season against Dallas at 7PM. http://tiny.cc/7insp 1. Newark Penn Station (Meeting Place, leaving around 1:30PM) 2. Kilkenny's Irish Pub - 27 Central Ave ...3. Nick's - 28 Central Ave 4. McGovern's Irish Pub - 58 New Street 5. 60 Park Grill - 60 Park Place 6. Port 44 - 44 Commerce Street 7. Hell's Kitchen - 150 Lafayette St 8. Prudential Center If anyone has any questions or suggestions, hit me up. Spread the word. ---------------------------------------
  4. So, I searched and didn't see anything too recent on this: Anyone hear any word on if they would be having the smaller partial ticket plans again this year? (ie Atlantic Division, etc) Seems they are stuck with half-season so far.... The 12 or 16 game packages were perfect for those of us who live too far away to make it to Newark every weekend. -Jarhead
  5. Just wanted to let you all know that a group of us will be meeting at Hells Kitchen Lounge before the game tomorrow night. Hope to see you there - I will be wearing the Brodeur jersey with the Whalers hat -Jarhead
  6. Hey if any of the original bar crawlers want to go to Saturday's game, I have one ticket left that I cannot find a home for. Lower level - drop me a line on this board if you want to go -Jarhead
  7. I have Atlantic Division tickets, so the next time I am in town is the 12th against Philly. I will be down before that Saturday night game to pre-game as well. -Jarhead We will hit Arena lounge on the way in for one or two tomorrow - FYI
  8. An underwhelming response to say the least. Well, we will be at Hell's Kitchen Lounge at around 11:30AM or so should anyone care to join us. -Jarhead
  9. To all my new friends from the opening night bar crawl, Was hoping to organize a group to meet before the game at 1PM on Saturday the 28th against the Islanders. My favorite bar on the crawl was Hells Kitchen, so I was thinking of meeting there around noon? Anyone else interested? -Russ
  10. I did a pretty decent search, and couldn't find this one - is Championship Plaza open to keepership? -Jarhead SGT
  11. A great time everyone! Even my Flyers fan buddy enjoyed himself, and the good-natured ball busting. Looking forward to doing it again! I will be at the Arena Bar for a beer around 6:30 before tonights game if anyone else will be around. Great time!!! Jarhead SGT ---------------------- Here are my pics:
  12. On the train out of CT baby. Be at the bar around 1ish. Been looking forward to this for months!! Semper Fi, Jarhead SGT
  13. Thanks for the replys all- I have a blazing fast internet connection at home....and am leaning towards gamecenter (replays, etc.). Anyone think I should decide otherwise?
  14. Check this out: Brilliant!! Puck Daddy
  15. Anyone else notice that the Oct 3rd game isn't showing up on any cable channels? (I am cablevision, and we don't get MSG +2?) Is the opening game going to get stuck on the crummy "Channel guide" channel (Ch.1)? -Jarhead