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  1. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Not gonna happen today - we aren't at page 500 yet! Lou is watching
  2. Opening Night Bar Crawl

    Not that I am aware - but then again I am not the coordinator. Post your question on the facebook event and maybe he will add it
  3. Opening Night Bar Crawl

    All, Please go to here for information. It was a blast last year - hope you can make it! ------------------------------- From the event organizer: A crawl of local bars in Downtown Newark before the first game of the season against Dallas at 7PM. http://tiny.cc/7insp 1. Newark Penn Station (Meeting Place, leaving around 1:30PM) 2. Kilkenny's Irish Pub - 27 Central Ave ...3. Nick's - 28 Central Ave 4. McGovern's Irish Pub - 58 New Street 5. 60 Park Grill - 60 Park Place 6. Port 44 - 44 Commerce Street 7. Hell's Kitchen - 150 Lafayette St 8. Prudential Center If anyone has any questions or suggestions, hit me up. Spread the word. ---------------------------------------
  4. Partial Ticket Plans

    So, I searched and didn't see anything too recent on this: Anyone hear any word on if they would be having the smaller partial ticket plans again this year? (ie Atlantic Division, etc) Seems they are stuck with half-season so far.... The 12 or 16 game packages were perfect for those of us who live too far away to make it to Newark every weekend. -Jarhead
  5. Penguins @ Devils - PREGAME

    Just wanted to let you all know that a group of us will be meeting at Hells Kitchen Lounge before the game tomorrow night. Hope to see you there - I will be wearing the Brodeur jersey with the Whalers hat -Jarhead
  6. Opening Day Crawlers Reunite!!!

    Hey if any of the original bar crawlers want to go to Saturday's game, I have one ticket left that I cannot find a home for. Lower level - drop me a line on this board if you want to go -Jarhead
  7. Opening Day Crawlers Reunite!!!

    I have Atlantic Division tickets, so the next time I am in town is the 12th against Philly. I will be down before that Saturday night game to pre-game as well. -Jarhead We will hit Arena lounge on the way in for one or two tomorrow - FYI
  8. Opening Day Crawlers Reunite!!!

    An underwhelming response to say the least. Well, we will be at Hell's Kitchen Lounge at around 11:30AM or so should anyone care to join us. -Jarhead
  9. Opening Day Crawlers Reunite!!!

    To all my new friends from the opening night bar crawl, Was hoping to organize a group to meet before the game at 1PM on Saturday the 28th against the Islanders. My favorite bar on the crawl was Hells Kitchen, so I was thinking of meeting there around noon? Anyone else interested? -Russ
  10. Official NJDevs.com Keepers II

    I did a pretty decent search, and couldn't find this one - is Championship Plaza open to keepership? -Jarhead SGT

    A great time everyone! Even my Flyers fan buddy enjoyed himself, and the good-natured ball busting. Looking forward to doing it again! I will be at the Arena Bar for a beer around 6:30 before tonights game if anyone else will be around. Great time!!! Jarhead SGT ---------------------- Here are my pics:

    On the train out of CT baby. Be at the bar around 1ish. Been looking forward to this for months!! Semper Fi, Jarhead SGT
  13. New Season - Center Ice Or Gamecenter?

    Thanks for the replys all- I have a blazing fast internet connection at home....and am leaning towards gamecenter (replays, etc.). Anyone think I should decide otherwise?
  14. Check this out: Brilliant!! Puck Daddy
  15. Brodeur Will Play Tonight In Philadelphia

    Anyone else notice that the Oct 3rd game isn't showing up on any cable channels? (I am cablevision, and we don't get MSG +2?) Is the opening game going to get stuck on the crummy "Channel guide" channel (Ch.1)? -Jarhead