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  1. I did the weird clap and woman scream when I saw us win the lottery. now idk how to feel. this is new territory, but either way high fives all around guys!
  2. How do you donate? I remember a few times they had a donate page. I would love to shoot the person who runs the website some cash, will also pay an extra 20$ if they ban William.
  3. Is bill daquala parsy or whomever that goon from 4 years ago was. Get the negative sh!t out of here. If I want to see garbage I'd walk outside.
  4. Haven't posted in a year, but tonight's win from the Lightning got me too excited. I may be mean here, but I don't like the Rangers.
  5. I actually like the blues so hopefully he gets a deal. No hard feelings from me. I'll actually travel out there if he plays.
  6. One more scoooooooore would make my night. Regardless of the outcome.
  7. They are so perfect. Not missin a beat.
  8. We better get a fn goal
  9. Doc back with Chico! Glad I never took them for granted
  10. Man I miss Chico. Such a kind soul.
  11. I don't see him becoming a top 4 here. Trade him before his stock lowers any more. I have no regrets with the pick, it just didn't work out. I'm contempt with Merrill,Gelinas,Severson,Greene, and the other youngings we have in the oven.
  12. I have a sonos soundbar and the crowd sounded loud. Was actually surprised how loud they were. I think it depends on your home theater/receiver/tv. Anyways let's go boys!
  13. i noticed that too. basically a garbage goal god. cammy is growing on me.
  14. well.. this is why we got cory. treat us right mr. schneider!
  15. This isn't funny anymore.