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  1. Its been done successfully before i.e. Joe Girardi (Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, etc.)
  2. Looking to go to the game next weekend against the Sabres. What would be a good time to get there for a 5pm start. Noon?
  3. I'm going to the game friday and was looking for a bar to get some good food and beers before the game. Are there any places close to the Rock?
  4. Andy Greene has really stepped up the last couple of games. Nice goal
  5. You really must be blind. A deflection and breakaway goal doesnt qualify as shaky. Give the guy some credit. Christ I was one of the first to get on Marty for the way he played the first to games..shaky. But tonight hes catching sh!t for defensive blunders.
  6. So what do you suggest??? Danis? Go for it. I'm sure he would've stopped that 2nd goal in his sleep right?
  7. Ditto
  8. really?? by that logic, every goal ever scored could have been stopped by 'the best of the best goalies'
  9. WTF with these turnovers in our zone. pull your heads out of your asses please
  10. Rosen makes me appreciate Doc so much more. What a moron.
  11. 16/20 faceoffs can't hurt either. nice job by niedermayer and zajac
  12. ahhhh what a pass by niedermayer.. whistle anyone??????
  13. Yea it really spoiled a nice save by Marty
  14. In my opinion the second goal was questionable.