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    Should atheists believe in Hockey Gods?
  2. If your giving up

    That final 20.7 seconds keeps running through my mind. But that's not unusual if I have just experienced something that truly has impacted my thinking. I was in shock the rest of evening. I just sat in a daze. I awoke 3 times last night with those last regulation seconds replaying in my mind. It took me most of this morning to recover. If a fan is undergoing this kind of feeling, what about the players? Are they more experienced at compartmentalizing this sort of loss? As a player, would this kind of loss just piss me off more, so I would want to come out the next game and kick my opponent's ass? Or would I not be able to mentally recover and give up? After tomorrow's game, we will see what the Devils are made of.
  3. Why I hate the Lakers

    Is a coincidence the Lakers uniforms are the color of cheddar cheese . . . .
  4. More characters

    4. Police Woman, Angie Dickensen 23. St. Elsewhere, Denzel Washington
  5. Pulling for the Flyers

    Can someone explain the context of this quote? Go Lightning!
  6. Game 2 thread for Philly vs. TB

    I am at work listening to the radio feed. So, in your view, which is it? Give me an honest assessment, not what you hope for . . . .
  7. Game 2 thread for Philly vs. TB

    When did he say that?
  8. Role Call

    This was the highlight of your life, right?
  9. Tillman killed in Afghanistan

    In contrast, you have Archie Manning whining about whom Eli will play for and whom he won't. Tillman realized his great fortune, i.e., to be paid a healthy sum of money to play a game, but knew he had a greater mission in life.
  10. Tonight's game not on CI

    I thought everyone who lived in Toronto had to like the Leafs or get beat up. What gives?
  11. New coach

    Did anyone say what stage his cancer is? Do we know anything about the chemo dose or frequency? Has anyone noticed Barney does not have any elbows. Therefore, I don't think he would be a good coach.

    I just saw the replay of Nied's goal interrupting my Dallas/Colorado braodcast. Yeah, baby!
  13. For those of you who think Stevens should play...

    I'm not saying Stevens should disregard the advice of his doctor, but, believe it or not, doctors are human and have been known to be wrong. A lot of what physicians say is an educated guess since medicine is an art and not a science. I don't know if he has received several opinions, but you cannot believe the medical profession blindly. I have experienced several medical errors this past year, and, while not life-threatening, the mistakes could have had potential serious consequences long-term. The Stevens situation aside, my take-home lesson for everyone is to take your health in your own hands since no one has as much vested interested in your well-being than YOU. Okay, I'm coming down off my soapbox now. Yeah, Stevens presence with the team might actually be a motivating factor.
  14. Happy Birthday!

    To our resident Joe Nieuwendyk expert, happy birthday!
  15. Happy Birthday Niedermayer_s Fan

    Yeah, get to the library and read our birthday wishes. Maybe you can get a new computer for your birthday!