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  1. Zubrus may have broken leg

    its a hairline fracture, i knew someone with that when i was younger and he healed pretty quickly but he was younger than Zubbie... 6 weeks without him in the line will hurt...
  2. Rolston - Pointless in 12 of 18

    lol...actually once upon a time I was a writer over there with Patricia...
  3. Rolston - Pointless in 12 of 18

    No, not on this forum... it came up a few times in Puck Daddy's weekly rumors/chat yesterday. Had to chuckle.
  4. Rolston - Pointless in 12 of 18

    Rolston's best days are behind him plain and simple. I love when people talk about trading him but there is no way anyone would overlook his salary for his point production. We just have to hope night in and night out that this is his night, that this is the turning point.
  5. Think by world class he meant Eurpoean...
  6. certainly seems to be whining a lot this season. We get it, your surgeries sucked and that kind of surgery can mess with your speed on the ice. Stop whining, it could always be worse, you could be Brian Rolston and just suck for no reason.
  7. GDT: NJ Devils @ Boston Bruins

    I had a friend at the time who wanted to print up shirts with the Devils logo that said "We Shut The Lights In The Boston Garden"
  8. Devils had a chance, I mean they were only down 2-1 at one point and there just seemed to be a lack of effort at times. Certainly wasn't the same team that showed up Sat night in Pitt. Hoping that team finds its way to Boston tonight.
  9. Madden happy with Chicago

    Believe it was taken away and credited to someone else. I'm happy for the guy if he does well out there.
  10. Gaborik out tonight nyr vs. nyi

    this should quiet the Rangers fans a little bit. The guy is just too fragile, he should go play golf for a living.
  11. Madden happy with Chicago

    he has 1 goal and 3 assists so far this season. Can't say we really miss him that much. Don't get me wrong, I loved that guy while he was here but he's not critical to any lineup
  12. Lemaire: numbers misleading

    He might be right but its early, anyone really paying close attention to those numbers just yet? I do agree a win tonight minus Martin and Pando would be big.
  13. Opening Night Intro Video

    I agree, I am a little sick of Hells Bells