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  1. got 1 extra ticket for the game tonight, only $30. give me a call at 6092409009 if you're interested
  2. Anyone ever had to be 'reinstated' from The Rock?

    you should've went! my dad and my brother got kicked out for getting into a fight with a flyers fan, they've been back many times since and got into some trouble AGAIN but security still let them go. i don't think you would have had anything to worry about.. but too late now
  3. 3rd edition GDT: Maple Leafs @ Devilchuk 7:00pm EST

    Haha, EPIC. Would love to have been there..
  4. 4 tickets for tomorrow's game vs hurricanes

    $5 each.. any takers? i'm leaving for newark in soon, should be there in an hour. anyone want these tickets give me a call at 609 240 9010 (i know it's probably not a good idea to be posting my # on the internet.. but oh well)
  5. $10 seats for sat and a stubhub question

    Yeah the Rangers game I was talking about was on a Monday and there were lots of people, so you'll probably have to get there earlier since it's a Saturday game. I think you should be ok if you get there by noon, but then again, you never know if that fails, there's always someone lurking around with extra tickets hope everything works out for you!
  6. I have 4 extra tickets for tomorrow game against the Hurricanes. Section 212, row 7. They were $15 each but I'll sell for $10. Get in touch asap. Could be an amazing game, with Marty going for the record and all I'm in Lawrenceville if anyone wants to meet up, or I can just meet you @ the arena
  7. $10 seats for sat and a stubhub question

    I tried the $10 line for the first Devils-Rangers game this season. Got there around 1 or 2 and ended up getting the last couple of tickets. And I also get tickets off of StubHub pretty often, always get them e-mailed. 10% service charge, and $4.95 for the e-mail delivery. Just got them for tomorrows game at $6.99 a piece, can't beat that. Good luck
  8. Extra 95 posters from saturday

    I'd like one or two. I'll be at the game tomorrow
  9. Goalie from the "old continent"

  10. Opening Night Intro Video

    i have a bit of the video from last night, it's pretty crap and cuts off before Hells Bells .. i'll upload it later though and post the link
  11. new here..

    Hey guys. Been following this website since last year, finally decided to speak up. Devils fan from Lawrenceville NJ. Was at the game tonight right by the section full of obnoxious Flyers fans.. Who's up for visiting Philly on November 16th and acting just as classy as they were? Anyhow, hopefully Devils get it together by Monday.