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  1. Jersey Etiquette

    When it came to buying Jersey's in the past, I alway's tried to stay with getting a player that's been around for awhile. Player's that have shown loyalty to the Devils. I have numerous Brodeur, Stevens, Daneyko Jersey's. It took me awhile before i even got my Elias jersey. I even have an Authentic with my name on the back. Whatever you decide to do, just do it and don't look back
  2. AHL season starts!

    Welcome to Syracuse. As a former Devils season ticketholder, living in Syracuse, getting use to the AHL takes time. The Crunch have a great team this year, hopefully Columbus stay's healthy. As far as what game's to go to i highly suggest any Rochester game. Team's like Toronto, Wilkes Barre, and Binghamton play here alot during the season, so you'll have plenty of chance's to see them. If i was you, i'd try to make a game against somebody like Manitoba, Chicago, Houston. The Lake Erie Monsters are alway's a great game.
  3. AHL 2008 Calder Cup Playoffs

    Well I Hope Annabelle has a good time tonight, but hopefully the Crunch win tonight and end's it here on Monday!!
  4. Questions about playoff refunds.

    I forgot to mention, that if you are a season ticket holder, send it to the attention of the season ticket department..
  5. Questions about playoff refunds.

    Send it to the arena in East Rutherford. If you paid by credit card, they will credit your card.
  6. Observations From The Caa

    I forgot to mention that Eisner was there in the box right behind section 115. He was there in front most of the game, and everytime the Devils scored, he was nowhere near the front of the box. He also left when the Devils made it 6 - 3.
  7. Observations From The Caa

    In the third period, there was three chant's that was started and died quickly. A. Eisner Suck's B. Eisner (Drawn Out) C. Disney Suck's Like i said, everytime the chant would start, there was a break in the game and music started playing or the PA announcer would start talking. P.S. For all you Ranger fan's....Do yourself a favor, if for some reason that there is a game 7 monday night, stay the F home, i had four of them sitting behind me all night, rooting for the Duck's and talking s**t about the Devils, I can't take it anymore...I'm about ready to throw down with these A-Hole's!!
  8. Thoughts From Last Night

    LaPointe took out his frustration on the camera in the visiting penalty box last night. At first he was just punching it and then the final blow with his stick, pretty funny to watch.
  9. Embarassing.....

    I like the thunderstick's. The towels are okay also, but i usually get hit in the eye from the kid's that sit around me. I also have a fan that sit's near me who constantly yell's out the most annoying comment's. it make's you wonder if he's actually watching the same game. he know's nothing about the game of hockey. He's yelling for the devils to shoot as soon as a player has the puck on his stick, even when it is clear that the player doesn't even have an open shot. his favorite thing is to yell "penalty shot", he want's a penalty shot everytime a Devils is knocked down. The guy is annoying, and i'm glad that i'm not the only here who has someone like this around them.
  10. Importance Of Tonights Game

    I hear ya, I definitely don't want to see the Devils take the Bruins lightly.
  11. 15 Years Ago Tonight

    I was in Norfolk, Virginia and was about to be discharged from the Navy.