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  1. Goalie from the "old continent"

    Haha! Sure. He has retired, and currently is one of the managers of PZHL (Polish Ice Hockey Federation). He's only one Polish player to ever "lift" the Stanley Cup up though!
  2. GDT: Devils vs capitals

    What a big win. The last SAVE in the shootout was so big! Marty was perfect. The penalty taken by the Caps in overtime... and huge saves by Theodore! The Devils nearly won it about 3 times, but the wall in the goal stood there and did very very well! Kudos to Theo. Another great player - Rob Niedermayer, one of the best guys on the ice, as noticed in the other thread. On to Thrashers at The Rock!
  3. Niedermayer

    Yup, good both defensively and offensively - Rob Niedermayer is having his best season in years now!
  4. GDT: Devils vs capitals

    Me too! You should actually be happy about this.
  5. Goalie from the "old continent"

    Haha, yo! What's wrong with Par99 though ?
  6. GDT: Devils vs panthers

    Another goal by Rob Niedermayer. I don't remember him scoring like this in Anaheim. Good win for the Devils.
  7. Goalie from the "old continent"

    Hello to all Devils fans! Grettings from Poland. Goaliethefirst says Hi I've liked the Devils since I started my interest in hockey. I also support the Maple Leafs - they were the first team that I really "met". Hope to have some interesting discussions here! Cheers, Goaliethefirst.