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  1. Bandwagon Time

    I really dont like anyone in the east but if I had to pick someone it would be the Caps. The west Id be ok if it was Phoenix or LA. Personally Ill be happy as long as its not Pitt Detroit Vancouver or Philly in the finals.
  2. Brodeur a Vezina finalist

    Couldnt have said it any better myself.
  3. Ilya savors playoff victory No. 1

    Yea after those 2 huge clears on the PK my cousin's like Greens playing like a beast out there today. Then literally like 10 seconds later he got his goal. Haha.
  4. NJ Devils Playoff Video

    Yea I like the whole army thing a lot better. The way they refer to everyone being a part really paid respects to the crowd and the fans moreso than the orchestra thing. But definitely was awesome to see got me amped up for the game for sure.
  5. 3 Tickets for Game 2!

    Where are they located?
  6. NJ Devils Playoff Video

    I didnt know they covered that song. I always liked Bad Company. And the final version was a little different either that or I must have missed some of it any of the real version floating around?
  7. Kovy must have felt he was back in ATL being he was the only one trying for half the game.

  8. Retro Night Game Puck

    Wow yea thats really crappy. Based on your situation and others that Ive heard Im going to stay away from ordering anything from them in the future.
  9. Retro Night Game Puck

    Thats how you use ebay. If its not buy it now and you dont snipe it you dont win.

    So mad that I just found out about this now. And ya I feel bad for the STH's but I mean there's nothing you can do except not renew. On the other hand all this talk about cheap lowers? Where at? And where are there free tickets for the CBJ game. I mean Ive been looking on stubhub and its obviously the lowest priced game of the year but was wondering if I was missing something else besides this deal.
  11. 2 tickets St Patty's Day Sections 12 & 13

    Youre kidding me right. How did I not hear about this. I really wanted to go to the game but just cant afford but for 17 I would have jumped at the chance. Ugh.
  12. 2 tickets St Patty's Day Sections 12 & 13

    Wait what sale? Did I miss something?
  13. Authentic Devils Jerseys

    Ya I got an authentic off a knock off site like these for 50 bucks. So charging a 100 is a bit of a markup to try to make a profit. There are some sites that are even cheaper but they only sell in bulk. And to be honest the one that I got I checked through one of those posts that were put on here on how to spot a fake and every single thing on my jersey was the same as the real deal. Although I am not an expert on the jerseys and Im sure you guys would notice the difference straight away anyway. But really just saying these are easily found on the internet not through ebay for anywhere from 35-55 bucks depending on quantity.
  14. Need 2 tixs for UFC 111

    I actually tried buying these both with the presale and on regular day. The very second they went up for sale I came up with nothing. Cheapest tickets available that morning were 300 bucks I was hoping for 50. Good luck trying to find some. I was trying to get 5 and am so far empty handed.
  15. For the Penguins game on 12/30 I need an additional ticket near my current tickets. I have Sec 19 Row 6 Seats 1-4 so anything nearby would be great. I see that row 5 Seats 1-3 are up on the marketplace but I cant buy one individually. Is there a way for me to contact the seller at all because I dont see anything like that. If the person selling them reads this or if anyone else has a ticket for sale near those please let me know thanks a lot.