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  1. Current Payroll

    I thought Marty made $8,000,000.. I think I read it in some article, I think durign the playoffs when they told him about his divorce he said he needs to go out and play with a clear mind they don't play him 8 million for nothing..Oh well.. guess I was wrong.
  2. ' Dad ' rules the roost

    Haha.. Gotta love him.
  3. Sean Brown?

    Yeah but thats what I said when I started the thread, lol.. thats why I got confused.. Does anyone think he'll be playing Saturday? It's jus weird cause there was all this press about him, photo shoots, batting practice and like he had a big pic in the post about him with a rockies jersey and stuff and then we don't see him play..I guess they just put a lot of hype around him..
  4. Sean Brown?

    Brown is suposed to be tough as nails, I really wanted to see him play.. But I don't think he'll be spending time in Albany at all really.. i can't see someone with experience getting the boot for rookies almost for everygame.. maybe that's just me though. What do you mean? He seriously just left? Wow, now I'm totally confused.. lol.
  5. Sean Brown?

    Why wasn't he playing tonite? Was it to protect him or something because he just came from Boston? I really wanted to see him play, they said he's like tough as nails lol
  6. Camp This Saturday?

    Does anyone know if there's gonna be practice/Tc (whatever you call it in training camp lol) this Saturday?
  7. Let's Talk About Scott Niedermayer!

  8. Mtv Music Awards

    Chris Rock was so funny.. The things he said about Ashton Kutcher lolol The Punk'd thing was funny "I wanna see somebody punk DMX u just been punk'd 'oh yeah u just been stabbed'" hahah
  9. Serious Problem Facing Athletes

    Whoa that is most definitely disturbing
  10. Tivo Is Officially Gone

    Wow, not for nothing but that has to suck.. Not even playing for the NHL anymore
  11. We Are The Stanley Cup Champions!!

    Thanx, I needed to smile - i'm looking forward to a greattt day with my whole family tomorrow I think I'm gonna die but WE'RE THE STANLEY CHAMPIONS
  12. New Jersey Devils: God's Team

  13. Confirmation On Some Things

    yeah, jim mckenzie already signed a contract with nashville. shmelick, albelin and oleg are off the team.
  14. Dano And The Cup In Whippany

    That's awesome! I'm happy for you, Hasan