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  1. I'm in Sweden and watch Microwavepizza's stream, works very well. She'll have to be up to atleast 5 AM to see the whole game though.
  2. Why cant Lundqvist play like this when he plays for Sweden, geez... The Rags fans sure love their Marty chant.
  3. Gotta love Kovy, what a beast!
  4. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Take that pessimists!
  5. From Sweden here, I watch through Microwavepizza's great stream, it's up for almost all the games.
  6. Yeah damn them, especially that Nicklas Lidström guy...
  7. And then there is this.
  8. Tedenby once again proves he belongs on the ice, not the bench.
  9. Oh god... What a save!
  10. Beauty!
  12. With IE. Devils feed.
  13. pre game on now.
  14. Why couldn't the queen play like this in the Olympics?!
  15. Gotta love Bergfors!