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  1. Scott Stevens Autographed Plaque

    Its still available. And it doesn't have a COA. I had the picture signed a year after Stevens retired. Had the plaque professionally done at a store in Passaic county.
  2. Scott Stevens Autographed Plaque

    still available
  3. Scott Stevens Autographed Plaque

    ^^ PM sent
  4. Scott Stevens Autographed Plaque

    Hey guys, selling my Stevens Plaque. North Jersey Pick up only please! Would make an awesome Christmas gift. PM me with an offer if you'd like it.
  5. KOVALSNIPE T-Shirts Price Reduced to $10

    bump for price reduction!
  6. Game Used Mel Bridgman Stick Autographed by 84-85 Devils Team

    bump. I'll let it go for $100 if anyone wants it.
  7. Hey everyone! Putting one of my prized possessions up for sale (moved into a new place with the gf..no man cave). It's Mel Bridgman's game used Sherwood P.M.P 9030 with about 25 signatures on it, including his own. 95% of the Devils players from the 84-85 season signed this stick. I acquired it from the late Dr. McMullen's personal collection when I was 14 years old (he and my father were acquaintances). I'd love for it to go to a good home, and since I've been lurking this site for years I know that many, if not all, of you are devoted to this team. I don't have an exact price set for the stick, so if anyone would like to make an offer please feel free to PM me! Thanks for looking.
  8. Need help pricing out an item! (signed stick)

    Thank you for your feedback! That price range is what I thought it might be worth, it's nice to see someone validate it. I'll post some pictures up tomorrow morning of the stick/signatures. I also found a game worn red/green home jersey from that same time period. It's not signed but it seems to be legit. I'll need your help to see if it's the real thing.
  9. hey guys, would anyone know how much (ball-park number) a NJD signed stick by the whole 1983-1984 team would go for? I was cleaning out my attic this weekend and stumbled upon it. Surprised the hell out of me. It's either game used, or a used practice stick with the players name and number stenciled on it (Bridgman 18). It still has remnants of stick tape on the blade and butt end. It has about 22 signatures on it. I cross checked the legible signatures on it and got it down to either 83-84 or 84-85. The stick itself is a sher-wood P.M.P 9030 Any idea would be great, thanks!
  10. KOVALSNIPE T-Shirts Price Reduced to $10

    Well I can't really help you with the whole "overpriced" and "waste of talent" thing there haha. He's always been a favorite of mine and he's going to be on this team for a whole so why not buy a shirt
  11. EDIT - 12.20.2012 - Price has been reduced from $20 to $10 each. North Jersey pick up only please. This was a limited run of 100 t-shirts. Only 13 are left. PM me for info! Thanks. Hello everyone! I created Devils related tees for us Devils fans. Just PM me if you would like one because quantities are limited! They are $20 with free shipping in New Jersey. Hope you like them! Here's a pic...
  12. 3/25 ranger 2 ticket for sale

    im getting antsy!!!
  13. 3/25 ranger 2 ticket for sale

    PM sent!
  14. i need to find a shot of bergies facepalm

  15. GDT: NJ Devils vs. NY Islanders

    arghhhhh danis was a bad choice