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  1. Where to watch in NYC?

    its not the devils marketing teams obligtation to do anything but theyre missing a huge opportunity to build their brand which is ultimately their job either way it just annoys me as a devil fan the best option is going to hoboken and for me living on the east side thats a good 45 minute journey.. people in new york dont go to bars across town let alone go to hoboken to watch a game. maybe if we got some numbers together 20? people, we could convince a bar to throw the sound on and cater to devils fans
  2. Where to watch in NYC?

    what im getting at is the devils marketing program should be doing what they can to make it easier to be a devils fan and build the brand. helping devils fans in manhattan get a bar they can watch playoff games at would be a start
  3. Where to watch in NYC?

    devils fans dont have one bar to go to in all of nyc.. its really ridiculous to think of all the obscure fanbases that have a bar they can find home. the devils marketing team should be incentivizing some place to cater to devil fans.. its pretty hard to be a devils fan in the city and theres no reason for that
  4. Where to watch in NYC?

    pretty crazy there are bars in the city for sabres fans bengals fans mizzou fans but theres not one for devils fans... the devils marketing team really has their heads up their asses still..
  5. Wendy's Owner

    This sounds like really good news for the devils. I would be surprised if this falls through, the banks would probably love to sell the arena debt if they could even get 60c on the dollar (140m vs 250m). He would force JVB out through bankruptcy if not a buyout before then, and our financial troubles would be over (read no more debt to deal with, except newark but thats a much smaller problem). No freakin way Bettman lets JVB get away with securitizing the MSG deal, thats the same crap the dodgers owner tried, it would bleed this franchise dry for years and 87m is a joke of a return to get in exchange. JVB seems really desperate at this point, I can't imagine he'll be able to hold on to the team. To all you guys worried about the Devils moving, no chance, we were #12 in revenues last year, we are in a good market. Our financial problems stem from the arena debt and that is about to be solved. Hopefully this is settled before Parise hits up the open market...
  6. OOT Scoreboard - Friday the 13th! 11/13.

    Friday the 13th and the Islanders are taking the ice with a record of 6-6-6.
  7. TV Saturday Night

    I get the feeling its going to be hard to find a bar in the city to watch the game at. Does anyone know of a bar in the downtown area that I can watch the game at?
  8. tomorrows pregame

    What are the best bars to pregame at before the game?
  9. An American Beheaded

    How about we get a police force for Iraq that isnt aligned with the terrorists.
  10. Is this true?

    Protecting the 2nd Admendent cause we as citizens of the US can and should have the right to bear arms... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> When they wrote the constitution guns fired like once per minute, these guns just legalized can fire a couple hundred times a minute.
  11. From the latest Onion...

    Its a damn good reason to vote for him.
  12. Brylin signed

  13. Happy Birthday Sammyk!!!

    happy birthday gramps
  14. 3am...and I'm "all by myselfffffff!"

    Ughh. My air conditioning needs to get fixed if I'm ever going to sleep again. This sucks.
  15. stick to dj'ing Why are you applauding JL's irrelevant comment, it added nothing to the discussion and was obnoxious.