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  1. Visit from England...

    Thanks Crasher!! We are looking for a few bars to visit pre and post game just to meet a few fans and find out what thier views are on how the Devils are run as an organisation.
  2. Visit from England...

    Hi all, Some help and advice related to the topic, if possible please. Myself and two colleagues will be visiting New York and New Jersey for a week to meet a number of pro/semi pro sporting organisations. We work for Wigan Warriors a professional Rugby League Club based in England. The purpose of our visit is to learn from the clubs we meet in the areas of ticket sales, marketing, event presentation and general commercial activities. We will be attending the Devils v Vancouver Canucks game on 2nd Dec. We want to see what a Devils match day entails and learn what your fans like/dislike about the whole experience. Are there any suggestions on where to go pre and post match? Are there any fans groups that would be willing to meet up to share experiences? If you can help please post a response or send me a private mail. Many thanks Paul MacLeod Direct Marketing Executive Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club (www.wiganwarriors.com)