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  1. Devils Free Ticket Contest to Saturdays Game 10/23

    I won as well. Was a season-ticket holder last year...this sort of stuff is precisely why I didn't renew.
  2. OFFICIAL!! Devils Trade for Kovalchuk

    Well, this is weird for me. I had season tickets in Atlanta for several years before moving to this area, and I've had Devils season tickets for the last two seasons. I'm thrilled to see Kovy play more in person. He'll have us literally on the edge of our seats (in both good and bad ways), and will help put more butts in those seats. At the same time, the Thrasher fan in me is really sad. There was always potential for that franchise to have success. When I had season tickets the average attendance was much better, and then the Heatley car crash happened and it's been all downhill from there. The bad ownership situation and years of mismanagement haven't helped. I still haven't figured out what to do with my Hossa t-shirt jersey, but I've got the Kovy jersey ready for tomorrow, which will be strange.