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  1. Is this for all fa's including where the devils fa's might go? Jimmy Murphy @MurphysLaw74 Hearing #Bruins now pushing hard for for Brian Campbell. Also will try to sign North Andover, MA native F Bobby Farnham. #NHLFreeagency
  2. Thank you guys for your help
  3. Thanks funny when i started asking him about flipping the jersey inside out he wanted nothing to do with it i am so glad i didn't waste a hundred bucks
  4. Real or fake
  5. What he said ^ What i think is there will be a few small moves along with a trade nothing splashy
  7. Stemps says he likes it here and wants to stay
  8. i looked for a pin too to put with all my other ones at work and i was shocked i didn't see one
  9. Me & my father where at that game it is a memory i hold near to my heart
  10. looks like no snow so its a moot point right now
  11. I meant just have them retire it on sat instead vs washington
  12. I would say if the storm is going to be super bad worst case they move it to sat
  14. Where? I just checked all i see is rain