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  1. Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

    No way Dude.... I'm not just a fly by night lady..... I'll continue to drop in here... Why not ...I like your fans better than ours!! I've saved this site in my favorites and will pop in daily if possible... Face it..... you easterners know how ta ((((ROCK))))
  2. Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

    Thought I'd drop back in again to say THANKS....!!! And to Swede.. you're too funny .. the only reason to vote for Megan on one of our local news stations is because she was the only one (besides Scotty) who was getting any votes; so it was basically a race between the two of them (this week anyway.. I heard they knock a person off each week..) And nope.. this vote isn't big news here... (We're not THAT boring!!) ... But I figured.. since the radio station that has the contest will be at Delaney Park Strip when Scotty brings the cup there... it would be neat for them to tell him he was the last one remaining on their imaginary island When they started their contest, there was about 20 people on the list... The Governor was the first one booted off.. There's probably so many votes for Scotty since so many Californians live up here... (Duck fans I guess? ) Plus.. I doubt Scotty and his bud's here listen to the oldie rock-n-roll... (even if he has heard about the contest) Welp... THANKS AGAIN YOU GUYS!!! ....I think the people at that station are probably thinking ..." what the... (&*^%" ...LOL!!! NJ FANS ROCK!! ......
  3. Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

    Pepperkorn... right now would be an AWESOME time to be in Homer! It's nice & sunny here, but not hot at all.. In Homer right now, they're pulling in huge halibut !! Come on up everybody!! (Big State.. )
  4. Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

    You guys did it !!! Scotty now has less votes than Megan! I know... it was a silly request.. but hey.. it's Gomer!!! He plays on a summer league here every Wednesday & Thursday night ... http://www.sehl.net/ I can't wait to tell him tonight how you guys helped me out !! ~~~ THANKS AGAIN FROM ANCHORAGE ~~~
  5. Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

    WOW.... before I came on here.. it was Megan Baldino 23 Scott Gomez 32 Now it's Megan 30 / Scotty 32 ... two more and they're tied!!!! Geez... when you need help.. go straight to the source... NJ fans!!!!
  6. Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

    Thank you Rough Draft !!! Geez.... I'm gonna have to look you guyz up when I make it back there for a game this upcoming season BTW... we get to see the cup here on July 15
  7. Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

    Thank you PepperKorn!! ..Actually, it looks like two people so far have voted for Megan Baldino --> since I sent my rediculous plea on here!! Only 7 more votes for Megan (gag-me-with-a-spoon) Baldino, and Scotty stays... YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! B) Oh... and yeah.. I did notice that they have a typo on that radio station's poll.. oh well... Gotta keep Scotty from sinking
  8. Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

    Oh yeah... I forgot to mention.. when you go to that site http://www.kool973.com ... you just scroll down and you'll see their poll.... Remember.. vote off Megan > !!
  9. Hey Guys.... Newbie Here..

    Okay... you're gonna think I'm off the wall with this one... but here goes.. one of our local-yocal (oldie rock-n-roll) radio stations is having a contest here in Anchorage. Each week they vote off another well-known Alaskan.... Welp.. some turkey is trying to vote Scotty Gomez off... ... You can only vote once every 24 hours... but right now.. Scotty is about to get tossed off... HELP!! Can somebody ***PLEASE*** help me keep Scotty on by voting for Megan Baldino at >>> http://www.kool973.com (Megan is a newscaster at one of the local stations.. She's the only one who has just under the amount of votes that Scotty has) From a fello' NJ Devils fan.... please vote Megan off the Island and keep SCOTTY GOMEZ on!!! Thank you a KAZILLION TIMES OVER from sunny, beautiful Anchorage!!!! B) xoxoxox!!!!!