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  1. Mexican fan

    Do you go often to the games?? I know is very soon to ask but will you go to 031010 game against the Rangers?? Sounds like a great game to attend. I'll be in section 231, if any of you are season-ticket holder in rinkside and want to change I'm willing
  2. Mexican fan

    Mexico City, will be in NY with my wife next march for a week, will be my first time there, also first time will see the devils. I went some years ago to Toronto, went to a maple leafs - rangers game
  3. Mexican fan

    Seems you are not the only mexican fan!!! Do you live in the US or in M
  4. Mexican fan

    Hola estreetcrew3, hola Diablo, never thought I'd feel comfortable saying that!!
  5. Best Seats at the Rock?

    I just bought tickets for section 231, 031010 game against the Rangers. Will be my first time at Prudential center and second to a hochey game, first was in Toronto against the rangers also, I'm from M
  6. Mexican fan

    G'Day, I'm Juan Carlos, a mexican devils' fan, I'll be with my wife in New York 030710 to 031310 and just bought tickets for the rangers game on 031010, I'm so excited.