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  1. Devils Pick Up Rasmussen

    this is so dumb, rheaume better be back, he was a good addition and played well in my opinion. this rasmussen guy doesnt seem all that special. whatever <_
  2. Pearl Jam At The Pnc

    nah thats no me. im just a big fan. been followin him for 4 years and hes finally got himself a great team and been challenging for the world championship. i kinda look like him, but no that aint me. B) one of these days ill get a good pic of myself on here but for now......i got zilch.
  3. Pearl Jam At The Pnc

    the maylasian grand prix where kimi scored his first ever win.
  4. Pearl Jam At The Pnc

    awesome fukkin show, i dunno if any were there, but dayum. they brought out the rare ones for the show. and even for all u springstein fans he played something im guessin is called "growing up"? i dunno, i dont know his songs. well it was pretty good anyway. but the entire concert......awesome. and sleiter kinney......great show by them too. to all that went, hope u had as awesome a time as i did.
  5. Rangers Sign De Vries

    they signed devries.....well guess theyre a shoe in fer the cup um no
  6. Sand Sculptures

    god bless tolkien, whereever he is
  7. Uhm...this Is Just Weird.

    mmm dats good eats :wave:
  8. One Last Time...

  9. One Last Time...

  10. Finish The Story

  11. Finish The Story

    ok u want and ending here then...........then gomez gazed deeply into pandolfos eyes and he knew right away the passion they shared. it was more than the 2 could bear, so from across the room the lept at eachother, meeting together at the devil logo in the center of the room. spinning and hugging, hugging and spinning. all the while the teammates didnt know whether to clap or hurl. it was later said that some few say a tear leave maddens eyes, but its just heresy. the 2 later shared their day with the cup travelling to acupulco, and enjoying the beaches and lathering eachother up more than one should. later as both were nice and tan, they made................ ok now theres an ending to make one say fin
  12. Goodbye Mr. Devil

    i think its french it goes on bread
  13. Birbraer Gone - Signs W/fl

    aw man, the poor little guy. im sure his grammar is better. and the sheep fukkin im sure hes curbed to 3 a week. i thought it was so funny how he made like 8 names and the only people that agreed with one of his posts, was always the first reply, had the same spelling and grammatical errors and seemed to love hockeysfuture.com. he must be bipolar or something. and if not for he and rob arguing, his brain couldve advanced better. the stupidity of the 2 far exceeded more than the gross national stupity.....um....product.........process....amount........census ......um......y ah. anyway.....wait......what was i saying. oh yeah, go red wings!!!!!!!!
  14. Finish The Story

    ok, i was gonna participate in this little dealie u guys got goin, but i read about a page, saw a post about commas and gave up. if u guys wanna a cartoon with story contiuations, like this, but not hockey related. go here http://homestarrunner.com/homestarloween.html greatest site ever, check out all the other cartoons. EVERYBODY..........EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Wherd This Place Is Mucho Better

    that funny, when i was 13 and the song came out, or somewhere near there i made a little dity with a play on words of that song. ok, its dum, but i was 13....not a grammy winner. tho i did enjoy graham cracker, specially them animal ones. mmmmmmmmmm :wave: anyway, onto the raw talent rollin down the street smokin sumthin, chowing on pork and beans played out, with my hand on mah monkey and mah monkey in mah hand thank you, thank you, id like to thank the academy. and my therapist. and paxil................