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  1. Marty at The Garden

    Come on NZT...not happening on this board.
  2. Marty at The Garden

    The times that Marty can possess the kind of ability to stand on his head and steal games all on his own have become fewer and fewer with each passing season - including this one. I realize that in some quarters my thoughts are considered to be sacrilege almost...yes, I feel the Devils can win another Cup with Marty in net, however - my feeling that he puts self above team has been confirmed by at least one Devil I have spoken with...and I'd feel a heck of a lot better about not only Marty winning games, but the Devils winning another Stanley Cup, with Marty realizing that fewer games in the Fall and Winter, would translate into a fresher goaltender in the Spring & Summer. I hate the fact that I get the distinct impression, that over the last few seasons, Marty has not only placed self above team, but his conditioning leaves a lot to be desired as well. Yes, Cup # 4 would be another notch in his belt, yes playing and winning a cup without an upper echelon defensive team in front of him would be more than satisfying (this admission by others works into my view that on another team in another system and without the opportunity to play whenever he wants to, Marty would have 100 less wins on his resume right now), but with 3 already in tow, I cannot get away from the feeling based upon what I see - that Marty isn't concerned as much about team as he is about Marty.
  3. Marty at The Garden

    As much as I hate to admit it, yes, I do believe that he's more interested in himself at this point than Cups...I don't like that admission, but I would be lying to you if I said I felt otherwise. Of course this is a subjective view point - and one that I would naturally not expect you - or someone else to agree with. On the flip side, there is now way that I'm alone with this sort of thinking.
  4. Marty at The Garden

    Dan I understand what you're saying...I've been a die hard Devils fan since they first dropped the puck...I'm as loyal a Devils dog as there is...with all that said, in all objectivity, I don't feel that Marty has been playing at an elite level for a few years now. This may sound incredible given the fact that he's got all the records and he has an iconic status attached to his name. But I truly believe that he is now a good, not a great goaltender currently...when Clemmy stepped in for Marty the Devils kept pace---thrived even. As much as I love Marty and have enjoyed his career, I cannot state that I'm not looking forward to the Devils franchise post Brodeur...because I am. Marty can still show glimpses of his former greatness, but I have to agree with those who feel he puts himself ahead of the team, chases records, and with 3 cups to his credit, is driven by other factors at this juncture of his career.
  5. Marty at The Garden

    As much as I love Marty I'm always thinking about his selfishness in regard to the having to play whenever he wants to play. I would imagine that this is some sort of a trade off, for signing with the club, being loyal and not testing the FA waters...it almost seems to be like the Devils saying; "and oh yeah, you may always make the call on playing or not"...no other Goaltender in the league has this kind of personal latitude. Every year this time for the past few seasons, he seems sluggish, and so does the entire team really. I mean lets be honset now, you have to pick one goaltender in the NHL to win a playoff series in front of any kind of a system...how many are picking Marty? I'm not. Using the Devils schedule as his own sort of personal day planner is another element I consider when I state he'd have minimum 100 less wins in his career rigth now if he played anywhere else but Jersey.
  6. Marty at The Garden

    I know Legend what you're trying to explain to me...words noted my friend - just consider my thoughts to be pent up frustration...
  7. This is not the Lou I know

    It's the trade that Lou has always wanted to make...but never did until now!!! Arguably the biggest import since our Captain hit the scene as compensation for Shanny? http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1471029976 www.dinocosta365.com
  8. Marty at The Garden

    Skeeter you are so right about Lundquist and his play against almost every other team but us. What kills me is that you can actually see how he gets off on besting Marty, and Richter was the same way. I'm not sure what it is, but against the Devils, the Rangers play like a Conference leading team too often...I have to admit however, that as much as I dislike the Rags and their goaltender, tonight, he was everything I wished Marty was. Against the Devils Lundquist looks like Keanu Reeves in the movie The Matrix...he's so quick and agile, always in position - rebounds don't often scoot away. Conversely, Marty often times seems timid against the Rags, unsure of himself, clumsy even...his play doesn't resemble the guy who is the all time wins leader...even though I feel that playing all these years in another system - he'd probably have 125 less wins than he does right now. Edit: Okay, not 125 - I'd say 100 less perhaps.
  9. Marty at The Garden

    Yeah...I'm with you on all of that, Hassan. Don't get me started on the games played issue - which is beyond absurd... You know what though, this one game here tonight is bigger than just the 60 minutes they'll soon complete. Do you know that we could end a season with 130 points, finish 1st in the Conference, and if the Devils were to meet the Rangers in a 1-8 first round matchup, I'd be pertified...all because I know Marty will be hit or miss against this team.
  10. Marty at The Garden

    Forgive me...maybe I'm just pissed off tonight at what I'm watching. But I will say this, Marty never looks as unsure of himself as he does whenever he plays this effin team at MSG.
  11. Marty at The Garden

    Coming into play tonight in his career at MSG. Marty is 14 wins and 13 losses (make it 14 after tonight) with 12 ties...he has allowed in those games, 94 goals (now 97), he's got a 2.27 GAA - and a save percentage of .920...and he's shut out the Rangers once (1). Oh, and I haven't even dared to throw his post-season numbers in there at MSG...or overall against the Rangers in the post season...or in overtime for that matter. Suummation: Mediocre, average, wishy-washy...if not in fact sometimes dreadful against the diagonal gang.
  12. Marty at The Garden

    Look Prod, I love the guy, but I think your allowing your fandom to get in the way of calling him out for subpar, repeatedly mediocre, performances, against this club...just my opinion of course.
  13. Marty at The Garden

    Prod, the first goal no way he stops...the next two - I'm sorry - you're the greatest goaltender of all time - you stop those shots against your biggest rival in their building. Look it, I'm not arguing his career - I'm contending that he comes up small way too often against the Rangers - particularly at MSG.
  14. Marty at The Garden

    What have you done for me tonight though? The Rangers and Lundquist are sticking it right up his ass tonight...and what pissed me off was the 2nd goal, mere seconds after the first one (oh gee another puck at his feet that goes in?) when he seemed to lose concentration, get rattled by the crowd, and let a stoppable (albeit a slightly deflected) puck go in. I'm tiring of his less than impressive performances against the Rangers - this team has been in his head since he started his career...they will always haunt him - Richter used to totally outplay him, and now Lundquist continues the trend.
  15. Marty at The Garden

    All due respect, Prod, I ain't buying it...I have seen (and so have you) Marty fall apart, time and again, seemingly completely unnerved, by playing at MSG...the crowd seems to get to him, or its Sean Avery, or it's any number of different factors. Lundquist almost routinely outplays him when these two teams match up at the Garden...I'm getting more than a little tired of it. Be interesting to see if someone can unearth his stats at MSG for a more telling look.