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  1. Potential Trades

    Niedermayer may not be at the top of his game but you cannot replace the intangibles he can offer. he is in a different catagory than Klee and Haveleid. Jersey is one of the best teams at preserving the furure along with playing for the present. giving a second or third pick will not affectg the Devils at all.
  2. Long standing Devils fan looking to connect with other fans of Satans team.

  3. Potential Trades

    Nice its good to see people understanding the rich history hockey has. Well this is my last post of the night hope to chat with you again. my email is posted on my profile. Glad to have found this site.
  4. Potential Trades

    so what made you a devils fan
  5. Potential Trades

    it is pretty cool but you do get to be close to the devils all the time. for that i am jealous
  6. Potential Trades

    jealous of what
  7. Potential Trades

    Holik retired my bad im pretty sure a no trade was part of the deal. I live on vancouver island and im not familiar with the landscape of Newark. My appologies.
  8. Potential Trades

    What is the possibility of Scott Niedermayer returning to the swamp. This is mere speculation but here is some facts ive found compelling. The Ducks are the worst team in the west; Scotts brother Rob is on the team; the 95 team is back(sort of) with Rolston, Holik, Lemaire, Brodeur; if they acquire him at trade deadline there will be enough cap room for him. He has a no trade clause in his contract but I think Devils would be the only team he would lift it for based on the facts ive provided.
  9. How Much Do YOU truly love the Devils?

    Ive followed the Devils ever since their move from Colorado. Favorite Devils....1. Brodeur 2. S.Niedermayer 3. S.Stevens 4. B.Rolston 5. C.Lemieux. I love how they conduct business, never trading away draft picks. Lou Lamoriello is the smartest GM in hockey any is the backbone of the franchise.