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  1. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    Agreed, and I think their desire to eliminate any gray area when it comes to deliberate contact with an official is shown by the fact that the rulebook itself actually lays out the minimum suspension lengths for these kinds of incidents.
  2. The Marty Night thread

    Yeah I'm sure that would go over well with the thousands of fans that spent over $100 for tickets to Tuesday's game to see the ceremony.  There is no way they reschedule the ceremony unless they need to reschedule the game itself.  Otherwise it would be completely unfair to everyone who bought a ticket for Tuesday.
  3. The Marty Night thread

    Both teams already have games on Saturday.
  4. John Scott - Players Tribute article

    Engineered by whom?  The players did all those things on their own because they were having fun in a game that is supposed to be a light-hearted and fun exhibition for the fans--the group of people who wanted to see John Scott in the game.  Are you upset with the players that embraced having John Scott there with them and made it a fun time for him and the fans?  Are you angry that they weren't giving their all out there and instead played it like a pick-up game?  If that isn't what you're looking for, then the all-star game isn't for you (regardless of whether or not Scott is in it) because the players themselves do not take it seriously.  If John Scott's presence in the all-star game ruins it for you, then perhaps you should be more upset about the absence of Crosby, Ovechkin, and Toews.  If the all-star game was as serious as you want it to be, there wouldn't be players choosing not to attend, and it would be five-on-five.
  5. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    I don't see how any of this is a response to my post.
  6. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    Where, in your expert opinion, should the linesman have been then?  Further off the boards directly in the way of the puck carrier?  He was not in the way of the play, the play was going in the opposite direction that Wideman was headed.  Wideman was no longer engaged in the play, his replacement had already hopped onto the ice, taking the extra second to go around the linesman instead of shoving him to the ice would not have impacted the play at all.
  7. John Scott - Players Tribute article

    This is clearly the height of his fame, but I don't think that's any reason to give up a career as a professional hockey player, regardless of whether he plays another NHL game or spends the rest of his career in the AHL.
  8. Wideman Shoves Linesman: 20 GM Suspension?

    You have obviously never officiated a game of hockey before.  An official is primarily supposed to position themselves in the best spot to make the calls, not to look out for oncoming players first and then look to make calls second, especially since the play was coming towards him, and Wideman was going in the opposite direction of the play to get back to the bench.  Why on earth would the linesman look behind him with the play coming towards him? This seems pretty clear to me that it is at least a 20-game suspension.  The rulebook even says as much.  I believe I read that the linesman spent the night in the hospital, so if that's the case it seems like it easily fits the 20-game suspension category.  There was a player who was suspended for 20 games in 1983 for tripping an official on a faceoff, this is obviously worse than that.  I don't think the excuse of him possibly being concussed holds much water considering he didn't even mention that himself, did he?
  9. The Marty Night thread

    Both of these are extremely frustrating.
  10. 15-16 WJC Thread

    What an absolute buffoon Kamenev is.  After Finland took the lead late in the third, he takes a ten-minute misconduct, then he breaks his stick against the boards as he enters the penalty box, steps into the box, continues to swing his stick, hits the penalty box attendant's hand with it, which knocks a clipboard out of his hand and causes him to bleed, and then kicks his broken stick out of the box and back onto the ice, earning himself a game misconduct.  Way to set an example for your team, captain.  Fun side note though, the ref that gave him the first ten-minute misconduct is from New Jersey and in the offseason he refs in the adult league I run.
  11. Picking out the fakes is easy for jersey collectors because we know what to look for, but I think for the everyday fan, it isn't as simple and becomes not worth the trouble to weed out the fakes.  One of my old roommates is a big Rangers fan, and his girlfriend bought him a McDonagh jersey.  He is aware of the prevalence of fake jerseys, and said he thought his was legit because he didn't see anything wrong with it, and wanted me to verify it for him.  As soon he showed it to me I pointed out a handful of fake jersey characteristics that were present on his jersey.  He even has a few officially-licensed replicas and still wasn't able to see the difference until I showed him. I may be interested in your old jerseys, do you have a list of what they are?
  12. With regards to player tees, part of Reebok's contract was that they would also have exclusive rights for the player tees.  I think anyone could have made those before, but now it is only Reebok.  If I remember correctly, they increased the prices of the player tees once they took over since there was no more competition. I think jersey collectors hate the fake jerseys because shopping for jerseys online used to be easy, especially on eBay, but now most of the marketplace is fake jerseys, and if you are trying to avoid being burned by accidentally buying a fake jersey, you really have to look carefully and comb through pages of fake jerseys to find what you're looking for.  This wouldn't be the case if people didn't buy the fake jerseys, but they wouldn't be doing that if Reebok didn't screw themselves by jacking up the prices while decreasing the quality of the replicas.
  13. 1)  I remember them doing this, the idea of wearing an Edge jersey with a pair of Dockers Stain Defenders to be completely spill-proof was sadly short-lived...  Anyway, I guess what I meant to ask was did these changes really make a difference regarding bottom striping since some teams still had bottom stripes anyway?  The current Edge jerseys are still assembled the same way as the original ones, meaning where each piece is connected to each other, right?   2)  I understand why Colorado couldn't keep their mountain pattern, but other teams just had straight horizontal stripes.  Some teams were able to keep them while others were not.  Maybe because of increased cost of materials, but why couldn't they just sublimate the lines onto the Edge jerseys like they did with the 6100s?   3)  Right, for those people it is more about having the current design or current player.  Those are probably bigger reasons.  I tell people the same thing about the 550s and getting a player that won't go out of style.  I hear the old ones are more durable than the Edge jerseys too, although I never bought an Edge jersey so I can't speak from my own experience on that.   4)  It's nothing new, but seeing that almost the entire league had to come out with a new design makes me think the team execs might have had a lesser say than they should have.
  14. How much did Reebok actually change the construction of the jerseys though after the initial Edge release (aside from the materials)?  Some teams seemed to be able to keep their bottom stripes, either straight across like the Devils have, or contouring to the cut of the jersey like Minnesota used to have on their white jerseys.  Meanwhile, a ton of other teams ended up with bizarre vertical piping instead.  I feel like that may have just been an excuse.  Plenty of teams had to ditch their bottom striping, I'm sure Reebok could have figured out a way to construct the jerseys to keep the bottom striping present, but they wanted to reinvent the wheel with vertical piping instead.   I completely agree with you that the 550s are a much better buy than the Edge jerseys and have purchased a bunch on eBay myself, but I don't think most people are like us, especially not casual fans at least.  You can find older jerseys on eBay, but I think for some people they don't want to put in the extra effort and it's just easier to buy a jersey at the arena or at their local sports store.  We know that picking up a 550 on eBay is better, but not everyone is a jersey enthusiast who posts on a hockey forum.   You have a point about the teams having the final say, but why does it need to be such a struggle?  I would think it should be easy for a team's upper management to just say, "No, we are keeping our jerseys as is," but obviously that's not how it is with these manufacturers anymore.   I hope you are right and that this won't be a complete disaster, but I'm preparing for the worst.
  15. Yeah I remember Reebok owning CCM for a few years before switching the jerseys, I still don't see why that is different than what is going on now though.   It wasn't necessarily the materials that fans hated about the Edge jerseys, it was the fact that most teams suddenly had new designs, and a lot of them were hideous (Nashville, Colorado, Florida, etc.)  while others were just the exact same jersey as another team but with different colors (Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Tampa Bay).  I specifically remember there being a ton of backlash on here, HFBoards, and the IceJerseys forum when those designs were revealed.  Your point that you see more people wearing Edge jerseys than the 550s fits exactly with what I'm saying.  People will hate the designs, but the manufacturer doesn't care because the fans are suckers and will buy them anyway because (1) fans want to wear their team's current jersey, (2) fans want to buy jerseys of their new favorite player, and (3) the previous models are no longer in production, so it takes some digging to find them compared to walking into any sporting goods store or the arena to buy the new one.   I don't know who has how much say, but it isn't a coincidence that the Lightning, Senators, and Penguins all ended up with identical jerseys.  Clearly Reebok had cookie cutter templates they were pushing.  There was a rumor that the Original Six teams would get to keep their jerseys, but they wanted everyone else to come out with something new.  Also, despite being Original Six teams and getting to keep their designs, I'm sure the Red Wings weren't happy about having to move the C and A's to the other side of the jersey, and the diagonal "Rangers" on those jerseys is off-center now too because of the way the jerseys are cut.  Someone on here posted a quote from Lamoriello after a fan club meeting around the time the Edge jerseys were revealed, and he said, "You have no idea what we had to go through to keep our jerseys."  If it was that much of a battle for Lou Lamoriello to prevent our jerseys from being changed, there must have been a lot of pressure from Reebok and/or the NHL.  Maybe Reebok gave the Stars some more say in the final design of their jersey because they weren't trying to keep the same design they previously had.  Regardless of what new design they came out with, the fans would have bought it.