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  1. If he didn't get injured, people wouldn't be calling it a dirty hit, and although his body was sliding towards the boards, the injury happened because he inadvertently put his face into the top of the boards when trying to get up. If his face hits that spot because of the shove, then yes it is boarding, but that's not what happened which is why this call can go either way.
  2. Fair enough, I'd say most refs do give a little more leeway in situations like that, which is why I assumed that whatever was said must have been bad enough to warrant another penalty. Of course this isn't always the case and I'm sure we're never going to find out what was actually said so at the end of the day we are both just assuming here.
  3. The reffing was fine. Zajac got knocked down but the injury happened because when he tried to pick himself back up his face hit the top of the boards. That call can go either way since both players contributed to it. The Hall hit had nothing to do with the refs "letting the game get out of hand." What did the refs do to let the game get out of hand, not call one borderline hit? Hall's hit was plain and simple a forechecker trying to get the puck from a defenseman who didn't bother to take a quick look and see if anyone was pressuring him. I highly doubt Hall went in there planning on throwing a huge hit, it just became a huge hit by virtue of Larsen not knowing that a hit was coming. As I explained above, you don't get an instigator penalty when there isn't a fight. You can make a case for Chaput getting called for roughing, but not instigating unless they also call Chaput and Hall for fighting.
  4. What did Hall say? I missed that. He is also clearly biased so I wouldn't take what he says as clear evidence that the call was bad. Maybe it was, but I think we as fans simply don't know enough to have a legitimate gripe about it. I'm sure the players felt screwed just like I'm sure the Canucks felt screwed by ending up shorthanded after Hall's hit, but neither side is neutral. I don't know why Chaput wasn't given a roughing minor, but I'm sure if Hall stood still and Chaput was just wailing away at him, they obviously would have called Chaput for something. I think it's a stretch to say the calls incentivized starting stuff with opposing star players when they ended up shorthanded as a result. If Chaput is given the same penalties that Moore got (5 for fighting plus 2 and 10 for instigating), then Hall gets sent off for fighting too, and you could make a case for any one of Parenteau, Quincey, or Kalinin being tossed for third man in. It was one on one until all three of them jumped in at the same time. The way they called it worked out much better for us.
  5. How can we complain about being down two men when we don't know what was said that resulted in the bench minor penalty? Yeah it sucks to have one of your players go down and then end up down two men in the aftermath, but the instigator penalty seemed obvious on that one in my opinion, and you have to think that whatever the bench minor was for was probably bad enough to warrant a penalty since the refs already knew the Devils were going to be shorthanded. There was no instigator called on Chaput because there wasn't even a fight. The calls on that scuffle were two roughing minors to Vancouver and one roughing minor to us, so they couldn't call an instigator penalty because there needs to be an actual fight for that, but we got a powerplay out of it anyway. If they call an instigator there, they probably call Hall for the "fight" that was instigated against him, and then he isn't out there to make the pass to Palmieri for the ensuing powerplay goal. Honestly, I thought the officiating was pretty good. The Zajac hit could probably go either way, the only thing I really disagreed with was Gudbranson not getting a penalty for knocking Lovejoy down after his goal. It looked like the ref in that corner didn't see it because he was facing the net to signal the goal, and maybe the back ref didn't see it either.
  6. I was about to say pretty much exactly this. This is a person's career. As long as someone is willing to employ them, who are we to say they should retire?
  7. Yeah John is too nice for his own good at times. Great guy to deal with, but I wish he would just make the schedule before the season starts and stick to it. It would take a load off his shoulders too. There's nothing he can really do about the 11:10 games though, the first game starts at 7:00 and for an adult league you can't really go earlier than that because too many people wouldn't be able to get there by then. If you guys are looking to come back to Protec for the fall/winter season, I'll need to know probably by Wednesday because I'll be making the schedule then. The captains meeting is Tuesday at 8pm. I really think the dirty plays are not that common at Protec. Your team may have just had an unusual experience with a small sample size of only one season (although it is the longest season of the year). I usually get compliments from teams coming from other leagues (especially Woodbridge and BSA) about how we keep the unruly behavior under control with suspensions and bans. These incidents aren't nonexistent though of course, especially with new teams joining all the time, but if it becomes a pattern with the same player(s), they find themselves missing games and eventually not allowed to sign up again.
  8. I've been playing at that place on and off since the early-mid 90s when they only had an outdoor rink. Eventually the people in the nearby condos got annoyed with the whistles at night, so the refs had to yell, "stop" to stop play. Not long after that, they converted the one indoor tennis court building to what is now the hockey rink. I interned there for a little while too in 2009, helping John with the day-to-day league administrative stuff...updating the website, scorekeeping, pressing jerseys, organizing league fee invoices, etc. As for the Staten Island goombahs, I run the ice hockey league at Protec, and really the problem with the clowns at Inman is that there are no consequences, and the referees are just rink employees that do not have to get any kind of certification or training. Suspensions are non-existent there. I still play there anyway though because the rink is much better than Metuchen and anywhere else wouldn't be worth the drive for me. At Protec, we stick with the USA Hockey rulebook, which says that any game misconduct is an automatic suspension of at least one game. Players that I have to suspend a few times are eventually placed on my banned players list, and since we are a USA Hockey league, all of the referees are certified and trained every year. We also do fun stuff on the website beyond the typical stats/standings like written recaps of every game, power rankings, and season recaps for the champions. Also, the champions of our 20-game fall/winter season get to represent the league in an annual battle for Central Jersey adult hockey supremacy by taking on the champions of Flemington's league. I just started up a women's adult league as well. I don't want to spam it up too much, but if anyone is interested, you can check out our adult league at, and the women's league at We do weekly clinics for beginners or players looking to get back into it on Saturdays around noon too. If anyone wants more info, PM me.
  9. Worst forum I've ever been a member of. I got suspended or banned or whatever three times. Once was for posting that the Rangers play boring hockey, but of course it's okay to start 15,000 threads on the Devils being boring. Another time was for posting average attendance figures after an Islanders fan criticized the Devils' attendance, I guess facts are not allowed. The third time was for posting a laughing emoji in response to someone who said Ray Emery will have a more successful career than Martin Brodeur. After those three incidents, I decided that place is just not worth it.
  10. I don't really like the numbers on the shoulders, but other than that I think these are pretty good. Vast improvement over what they've been wearing, not sure if I like this more or less than what they had in the 90s.
  11. I wouldn't even do that, and I made that decision when Reebok came out with the Edge crap. All of my Devils jerseys are pre-Edge, and if there's a player they've picked up since then and I want his jersey, I get one of a different team he played for (college, junior, international, etc.)
  12. Even as a Jets fan I can't argue with that logic, and if the Giants for some reason ever changed their name to the New Jersey Giants or if another team moved here, well then I would switch teams right away. Either way, my favorite football team is Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.
  13. There's a difference between playing for your childhood favorite team and representing your country, and the issue isn't simply that they aren't playing for their country's team, it's that they are going to be playing AGAINST their own country, which makes no sense. That would be cool to see, but the Stanley Cup would no longer be the top prize in hockey, and I'm sure the NHL and the NHLPA would never go for that.
  14. Agreed. The fact that there is no qualifying procedure and that the countries are hand-picked by the organizers takes away a lot of its credibility for me as well.
  15. I think that is stretching it a bit. I agree with his premise of the Devils being a part of NJ developing its own culture distinguished from New York's, but that doesn't mean I don't associate with Rangers fans. I've had roommates who were Rangers fans, I share an office with a Rangers fan now, and my boss actually used to be their assistant GM.