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  1. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    I wouldn't even do that, and I made that decision when Reebok came out with the Edge crap. All of my Devils jerseys are pre-Edge, and if there's a player they've picked up since then and I want his jersey, I get one of a different team he played for (college, junior, international, etc.)
  2. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    Even as a Jets fan I can't argue with that logic, and if the Giants for some reason ever changed their name to the New Jersey Giants or if another team moved here, well then I would switch teams right away. Either way, my favorite football team is Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.
  3. World Cup of Hockey

    There's a difference between playing for your childhood favorite team and representing your country, and the issue isn't simply that they aren't playing for their country's team, it's that they are going to be playing AGAINST their own country, which makes no sense. That would be cool to see, but the Stanley Cup would no longer be the top prize in hockey, and I'm sure the NHL and the NHLPA would never go for that.
  4. World Cup of Hockey

    Agreed. The fact that there is no qualifying procedure and that the countries are hand-picked by the organizers takes away a lot of its credibility for me as well.
  5. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    I think that is stretching it a bit. I agree with his premise of the Devils being a part of NJ developing its own culture distinguished from New York's, but that doesn't mean I don't associate with Rangers fans. I've had roommates who were Rangers fans, I share an office with a Rangers fan now, and my boss actually used to be their assistant GM.
  6. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    Haha actually I think his exact words were, "Your dad also fvcked your mom and you're not chomping at the bit to follow in those footsteps...or are you? Ew."
  7. BEER

    Yeah when Maine first hit NJ I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but now that I've had a few of their beers, I don't bother anymore.
  8. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    Welp as former NJDevs poster, DaneykoIsGod, put it, "Your dad also fvcked your mom, are those the footsteps you want to follow?"
  9. BEER

    I would only wait on line for a beer if the brewery is one that I have had plenty of times before and know is very good. I have no problem waiting on line for some of Kane's limited releases. On the other hand, Demented has just come out with a membership to their brewery where for $100 or something like that, you get six of their barrel-aged beers each year. I have not had enough from Demented that has impressed me to the point of spending $100 on beers they have never even brewed yet, so there is no way in hell I am signing up for that. I have done plenty of mix-a-sixes before and I don't think I have ever come out to $20. That is an average of $3.33 per bottle, there are very few 12 oz. beers that cost that much at any of the stores I go to. I agree that Maine is overpriced. They are good, but not worth the price they sell for. However, I think that brings up a good point that hasn't been made yet: Maine is good, but not worth their price because there are plenty of other good beers out there for a lower price. If craft beer were to dry up, Maine might not be overpriced if it weren't for those other breweries selling their beer at lower prices, and then they would be able to raise their prices even more.
  10. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    The last essay I wrote in college was about this topic (I majored in sport management and minored in geography), but you wrote it out much better than I did. I agree 100%. This is more than just sports rivalry, this is a geographical rivalry mixed with a community's identity crisis.
  11. BEER

    If you have such a low success rate with trying new beers, why not just save yourself the frustration and stick with buying the beers you know you like?
  12. GDT - Jerseys Team vs New York 1994's

    I'm not sure if it's funny or sad how terrible the Rangers' fanbase's grasp on the rules is, especially since the entire rulebook is right there on the league's website. We saw a similar outrage over a clearly black and white rule when Carcillo was tossed for shoving a linesman in the playoffs a couple years ago. Derek even has a sports blog and still can't be bothered to look up the rule before complaining about the call. That is how a person naturally reacts when they see a stick moving towards their face. It's not to draw a penalty, it's to avoid being injured. McIlrath was probably not going to get a penalty on that one, he was skating backwards and Blandisi skated straight into his hand.
  13. BEER

    Fair enough, those kinds of things are counterproductive to craft beer gaining market traction. All of those gripes about the current state of craft beer are reasonable, but there is still plenty of good beer out there that you can enjoy while avoiding all of those issues. The amount of beers that require knowing the store manager, waiting in line, etc. are a small percentage of what is brewed. I'm confused as to why you would bump this thread just to say that you don't care anymore though.
  14. BEER

    I don't see how this in any way makes them like big beer. The distribution laws are generally written by big beer lobbyists in a way that unfairly disadvantages smaller breweries to preserve big beer's grip on the marketplace. Craft brewers have to join forces to eliminate the red tape. Also, they aren't trying to stifle competition, they are trying to enhance it. They aren't fighting for more restrictive distribution laws for their competitors, they are fighting to eliminate laws that make it difficult for themselves to reach the marketplace. What is the moral reasoning for making it difficult for craft beers to reach stores?
  15. Coaches challenges need to be revised

    Really? I don't think I've ever seen that called, even though every time it happens, there are players and fans screaming that it's a penalty when it really isn't. Same thing happens on a handpass in a defensive zone, or when a player is offside but the other team takes the puck back into their own defensive zone and the offside player plays it. It's funny and sad how often the players and fans don't know the rules of their favorite sport.