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  1. So awful.. It looks like their time is starting to run out.. Was reading an article about the game and it pretty much illustrates my feelings on this..
  2. sweet deal
  3. Such a good win!
  4. Was watching the game highlights.. Cant believe the first blues goal.. the refs should have done something in that damn cluster
  5. I cant believe those suckers beat us! Watching the highlights just makes me sad..
  6. An excellent win! Found a great recap article about it here:
  7. Great idea lol.. They need to check out the game tapes and fix their mistakes too..
  8. Cant believe we lost this one.. there are som good game highlights here tho:
  9. Agreed.. I was watching an interview with MacLean and Elias and it sounds like they think this too..
  10. i like this idea
  11. The win has definitely lifted the guys spirits..
  12. Happy to have the win! I found an interview with Marty, Kovy and MacLean after the game..
  13. Anyone else see this?? I think its so funny that Kovy says hes gonna try to just ignore Avery.. I feel like it would be impossible to ignore him..
  14. Read a great article about this and I definitely think having Kovy signed greatly improves our chances of winning it.. what do you guys think? Heres the article I was reading:
  15. Found a really good article about Kovy here: