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  1. so ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm\\ lets go DEVSSSSSSS!!!!! we need all the shout outs we can get.
  2. got it woohoo division finally.
  3. omg do i love the way this game is goin goals galore jus in time for playoffs hopefully please let the good times roll.
  4. need a stream without anyone?
  5. i was sittin here thinking wow. we are way way better then this think bout how many close games we have lost we have a great great defense we just cant score when needed most we are always in the game it not bout luck or no luck we just need to start putting puck in net and we will win every game we play marty is da bomb still and i think every team would love to have him, trust that we need to just figure lines to score against teams damn its frustrating. if we only had 2 goals this game owell on to the next at least we are in first at moment again we need to just hold on and get some momentum soon enough.
  6. a deal with the devil maybe in order to get 2 or more goals in a game a player must go down!!! ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NICE GOAL THO
  7. wow what a fukin game guys just what we needed that was great and this will def. be a season changing game (just what the dr. ordered) plus the trade for kovy im very excited and i know you all are enjoy that was totally unexpected.
  8. should work for yah. go dev's ezP