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  1. Can microwave pizza streaming could comeback?

    Thanks again for all the good times though man, it was great
  2. Can microwave pizza streaming could comeback?

    Yeah, he's gone a while now. It was awesome while it lasted but it's not coming back.
  3. Patrick Kane

    I agree with everyone who has already stated we don't have what it would take to get him, even if they are fed up with him.. He's a streaky player, like a lot of players are, but when he's hot he's the most dangerous player in the league. We simply don't have the talent to get him, and if we did put a package together there's be no one left for him to play with. Chicago just needs a stronger, shorter leash on him.
  4. Your Thoughts About: #26 Patrik Elias

    Absolutely love Patty, and I WILL BE THERE when they raise his jersey to the rafters.
  5. Lou is New Toronto GM

    I don't know how Lou's typically zipped lips will go over with the Toronto media, but I bet it will be amusing to watch lol. They won't like getting so much of the silent treatment. I wonder if we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see some stories on their newspapers' websites about their take on this...
  6. Lou is New Toronto GM

    Wow, I didn't see this coming honestly.
  7. What are the positive you're gonna look at next season?

    I'm hoping to see the offense get younger, and see how the D continues to develop. I'm basically all positive for the new season - we've had big changes in coaching and management so there is a 'new' vibe that should be good to see. I thought that about J Mac too but still positive
  8. Sheldon Souray in the Players' Tribune

    Cool article Liked reading the peewee stuff too LOL
  9. 6th Overall pick: Pavel Zacha

    I'm happy with the pick; like others have said he's a big skilled kid who evidently loves Elias and anyone who loves Elias is OK in my book Here's hoping he turns into a bigger, stronger, faster Patti in the long run!
  10. Brian Williams and NYR, Perfect Together

    Is that the wife or a daughter? She's cute
  11. How About Some Possible Trade Talk?

    He's only a prospect who has never played an NHL game if you ignore the 37 NHL games he played this year.
  12. 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Move to Quebec already, jeez!
  13. Mikhail Grigorenko

    My point was that he was allowed to continue his college career after getting drafted; there seemed to be some confusion in the thread as to whether or not that was allowed. And it would be a big shock - if he hadn't come out and said he was definitely considering it.
  14. Mikhail Grigorenko

    Calgary drafted Johnny Gaudreau in '11 and he played 2 more full seasons for the Terriers while Calgary kept his rights, so Buffalo could draft Eichel and he could continue his 'development' at BU without issue. He's in the draft, he'll be picked by Buffalo, the only question is does he go to the NHL or try and get that Frozen Four Championship and be BMOC for another year. I think the latter is a strong possibility, especially given Johnny Hockey did it there. I'm guessing it's a pretty damned good life.
  15. John Hynes: New Devils Coach

    Here you go - exclusive video of Hynes' first interview and sit down with Lou https://youtu.be/2wkyR9dlcoo