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  1. GDT - Devils at NY Rangers

    well looks like zharkov has been called up 10/23/2010 Vladimir Zharkov (RW) Albany DEL Recalled from loan by New Jersey (NHL) AHL transactions
  2. Verizon Tower

    The LCD caught fire over the summer, I guess they just decided not to replace it. Newark Prudential Center jumbo screen catches fire
  3. anyone get their season tickets yet/what section are you in?

    while I'm not at home to see for myself, I just got word my seasons came in. Now the wait until Oct. 8th begins. Today is like when you found where your parents stashed your xmas toys as a kid but all you could do is look, you still have to wait until xmas to play with your new toy.
  4. STH Location Thread

    Jrzy44(Pete) Section 229, Row 4, Seats 11-14