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  1. Mission Control

    Very, very well said sir. For the record, I'm the Steve he mentions at the end. And I'm insanely easy to get a hold of as well.
  2. Mission Control

    Popping my head in here for the first time in a long time... I disagree with this sentiment very strongly. There are 25 of us Generals (Yes, I am one), from various backgrounds and different levels of fandom. Some of us have been friends, some of us have just met for the first time in this program. We are all on an even level, with none of us having any more say in anything then anyone else. All we can do is offer our time and energy to the Devils office staff to help them with what they ask of us. I can assure you that we cannot have our own agendas, because frankly, the Devils office doesn't care about anything besides their own concerns, i.e., improving fan experience and building a strong social media community. They have their agenda, and that's it. We've had many group discussions with the front office staff running this program about how this program is exactly the opposite of what you just said. And finally, the Devils Army Generals program isn't really geared towards fans already posting on NJDevs/HFBoards and what have you. It's to get the causal fans more involved with the team, getting them to come to more games, and build the sense of community that those of us who post on message boards already have. So, no, maybe at first there isn't a lot this program can do for people here specifically. But all we're asking is that you give it a shot and maybe let it work it's course a little before deeming it a failure.